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PURPOSE: To Protect the Future of the Abyssinian Cat

    We shall respect the beauty, intelligence and loving nature of the Abyssinian. We shall concern ourselves with the future welfare of the Abyssinian and take special safeguards and precautions to sell or place it only in homes where it is loved esteemed, appreciated and well cared for. We shall breed only for the betterment of the Abyssinian.


    We shall be professional in all dealings with prospective buyers. We shall make every effort to assure the buyer's understanding of the Abyssinian, its merits, personality and all of the terms of the sale. We shall be honest, fair, and as accurate as possible in all appraisals. We shall consider it our obligation to display utmost integrity in all descriptions of any cat. Therefore, we shall give only our opinions but not make such predictions as "future grand", "will produce so many kittens", and so on. Each buyer shall be given a health and immununization record.


    We shall not sell our cats or kittens without written agreements. We shall not sell, lease, or give any cat or kitten to any pet shop animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility. We shall require a written neuter agreement for our cats and kittens sold as pets to be altered and require a veterinarian's certificate of alteration at the proper age before the sale is considered final and the registration papers are transferred and the pedigree provided to the new owners. We shall sell Abyssinians for breeding and show with proper registration papers, accurate pedigrees, and health records transferred to the buyer after full payment is received.


    We shall not knowingly expose any cat or person to disease or unsanitary conditions. Our cats and kittens shall be under the regular care of a licensed veterinarian, be appropriately immunized, be tested for feline leukemia at regular intervals, and be bred in accordance with veterinary recommendations only for the purpose of improving the breed. We shall abide by all Show Rules of the Associations in which our cats are registered. We shall not make degrading remarks about other cats or their owners.

As members of the Abyssinian Cat Club of America, I/we shall abide by this Code of Ethics.

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