Usual Female Abyssinian

Bella has a very rich coat colour, beautiful green eyes, and a very affectionate nature. She has a slightly smaller, more American look about her than our other Abys.

Bella was a very good Mum, looking after her kittens well. We neutered her in January 2003, and she now lives out in Kipper's quarters. He was neutered at the same time as Bella, and they get on extremely well together.

Pedigree of GC Mikkar Arabella

Breed: 23

Sex: Female

Date of Birth:  18-May-1997

Reg. Details: GCCF: CS 373843

Breeder: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas

Owner: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Annera Imri
GCCF: CS 147167
GC Annera Bobbie Dazzler
GCCF: CS 038491
Ch. & Pr. Annera Sweet William
GCCF: CS 004951
GC Annera Emblem
 7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213866, 23a
GP Annera Benedick,  10-Nov-1981, GCCF: NS 166788, 23
GC Sancharma Biriani,  28-Jan-1980, GCCF: NS 117468, 23
GC Sancharma Biriani
 28-Jan-1980, GCCF: NS 117468, 23
GC Philos Roca,  11-Aug-1977, GCCF: NS 70330, 23a
Nailuang Abessijn Borsa,  10-Sep-1978, GCCF: NS 74855, 23
Annera Philomel
GCCF: CS 000801
Annera Hesperus
 2-Nov-1983, GCCF: NS 220676, 23a
GC Styran Asterix,  7-May-1981, GCCF: NS 165182, 23
Ch. Syrinx Habanera,  10-May-1980, GCCF: NS 147462, 23a
Justpaddy Sheba
 15-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 214694, 23
Rylil Sabre,  19-Sep-1981, GCCF: NS 166649, 23
Shybu Tequila,  2-Aug-1979, GCCF: NS 115683, 23
Karthwine Azirile Wavetail
GCCF: CS 068426
GC Satusai Fire Salamander
GCCF: CS 008102
Ch. Satusai Brandy Snap
 3-Mar-1984, GCCF: NS 221007, 23
Fairlie Negus,  9-May-1980, GCCF: NS 147935, 23
Devadip Onyx Claire,  7-Jun-1982, GCCF: NS 167866, 23
Ch. Robstine Tequila Sunrise
 21-Jan-1985, GCCF: CS 000955, 23a
Ch. Annera Halloween,  2-Nov-1983, GCCF: NS 220677, 23a
Burtenashan Nola,  7-Feb-1983, GCCF: NS 214610, 23a
GC Annera Damask Red
GCCF: CS 045796
Ch. & Pr. Annera Sweet William
 2-Aug-1985, GCCF: CS 004951, 23a
GC Annera Emblem,  7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213866, 23a
GC Sancharma Biriani,  28-Jan-1980, GCCF: NS 117468, 23
Ch. Tausert's Habanera
 26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017800, 23
Ch. Izod's Chocolet Chip,  9-May-1987, CFA: 0380-21671 V1185, 23
GC Tausert's Zuleeka,  10-May-1979, CFA: 0381-8248 V0881, 23
Ch. Mikkar Heathermist
GCCF: CS 303405
GC Calderon Blackadder
GCCF: CS 107603
Ch. Taishun Blue Aziecanbee
GCCF: NS 222011
Tausert's Blue Blazes
 22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Jaanus Jamila of Tausert,  , CFA: 0381-87029 V1082, 23
Tausert's Ice Capade
 9-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Catknapp Bertha D'Blues of Tausert,  7-Apr-1981, CFA: 0385-072967, 23c
Calderon Yasmina
GCCF: CS 062385
Bastis Ashanto
 26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017794, 23a
GC Bastis Clark Kent of Jamata,  17-Apr-1984, CFA: 0382-228024, 23a
GC Bastis Janet Planet, DM,  12-Jul-1982, CFA: 0383-132920, 23a
Annera Undine
 19-Feb-1986, GCCF: CS 008659, 23
Seawind Somers Isle,  17-Feb-1982, GCCF: NS 167727, 23
GC Sancharma Biriani,  28-Jan-1980, GCCF: NS 117468, 23
Mikkar Pixiedust
GCCF: CS 143829
GC Mycene Mood Indigo
GCCF: CS 042276
Ch. Mycene Geronimo
 22-Dec-1981, GCCF: NS 166943, 23
Tausert's The Wild One,  31-Jul-1980, GCCF: NS 149000, 23
Taishun Ayesha,  15-Sep-1979, GCCF: NS 115958, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine
 18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222014, 23c
Tausert's Blue Blazes,  22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Tausert's Ice Capade,  9-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong
GCCF: CS 066033
GC Asmera Abbay Apollo
 28-Apr-1983, GCCF: NS 215393, 23
Ch. Palisander Beowulf,  27-Jan-1981, GCCF: NS 166209, 23
Jeunesse Zula,  29-Jan-1982, GCCF: NS 167350, 23
Ch. Praxis Zubeneschamali
 12-Apr-1987, GCCF: CSSR 032140, 23c
Crownfields Blue Thunder,  27-Apr-1984, GCCF: NS 222248, 23c
Ch. Abylov Blue Comet,  6-Dec-1985, GCCF: CSSR 006165, 23c

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