Blue Female Abyssinian

Harmony is aptly named because of her super friendly nature (but she never says much). She never attacks anyone (except perhaps for the tiny kittens who have been let out of the bedroom to play - she soon teaches them how to play chasing and scuffling games).

Anyone who has met Harmony knows of her strange addiction to light patterns; she stares intently at the ceiling or walls if there are reflections or light patches. The ultimate game is to chase reflections around the carpet; she gets very excited when I pick up a CD, because she knows it has something to do with the lights she sees on the floor! I angle the CD to the sun to get a bright circle on the floor, then let her chase it round and round the floor until she's panting so much that I take pity on her. She will never stop of her own accord.

Pedigree of Ch. Mikkar Harmony

Breed: 23c

Sex: Female

Date of Birth:  6-Apr-2002

Reg. Details: GCCF: CS 523198

Breeder: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas

Owner: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Mikkar Blue Buccaneer
GCCF: CS 161017
GC Mycene Mood Indigo
GCCF: CS 042276
Ch. Mycene Geronimo
GCCF: NS 166943
Tausert's The Wild One
 31-Jul-1980, GCCF: NS 149000, 23
GC, NW Bastis Zackariah, DM,  1-Mar-1974, CFA: 0380-003371 V107, 23
GC Tausert's Kundalini,  28-Jan-1978, CFA: 0381-007238 V111, 23
Taishun Ayesha
 15-Sep-1979, GCCF: NS 115958, 23
Tausert's Ki O Kazam,  28-Jan-1978, GCCF: NS 090635, 23
Taishun Abigail [ii],  27-Jun-1977, GCCF: NS 68710, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine
GCCF: NS 222014
Tausert's Blue Blazes
 22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Jaanus Jamila of Tausert,  , CFA: 0381-87029 V1082, 23
Tausert's Ice Capade
 9-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Catknapp Bertha D'Blues of Tausert,  7-Apr-1981, CFA: 0385-072967, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong
GCCF: CS 066033
GC Asmera Abbay Apollo
GCCF: NS 215393
Ch. Palisander Beowulf
 27-Jan-1981, GCCF: NS 166209, 23
Ch. Bourree Malak,  19-Apr-1978, GCCF: NS 72382, 23
Aphrodite,  7-Aug-1979, GCCF: NS 147335, 23
Jeunesse Zula
 29-Jan-1982, GCCF: NS 167350, 23
Ch. & GC Fellows Copper Flash of Mara-Ty,  15-Dec-1976, GCCF: NS 164399, 23a
Azeda,  29-Jun-1979, GCCF: NS 115125, 23
Ch. Praxis Zubeneschamali
GCCF: CSSR 032140
Crownfields Blue Thunder
 27-Apr-1984, GCCF: NS 222248, 23c
Gold Dbl.GC Lohrengel Barrow Bambi III,  23-May-1982, GCCF: NS 220040, 23c
Crownfields Touchwood,  18-Feb-1979, GCCF: NS 89935, 23
Ch. Abylov Blue Comet
 6-Dec-1985, GCCF: CSSR 006165, 23c
Ch. Taishun Blue Aziecanbee,  18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222011, 23c
Amabo Blue Crystal,  , GCCF: SRNS 275953, 23c
Ch. Mikkar Century Dawning
GCCF: CSSR 408441
Ch. Solwayview Fergus James
GCCF: CSSR 315630
Ch. Solwayview Afteradam
GCCF: CSSR 212904
Calderon Domino
 22-May-1991, GCCF: CSEXP 170320, 23e
GC Calderon Blackadder,  6-Aug-1989, GCCF: CS 107603, 23
Libella Luminescence,  17-Apr-1990, GCCF: CS 130831, 23
Ch. Abyglen Aquabrigit
 29-Oct-1990, GCCF: CS 154841, 23a
GC Annera Emblem,  7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213866, 23a
GC Abyglen Aquamanda,  7-Feb-1989, GCCF: CS 091227, 23a
Ch. Abyglen Asterel
GCCF: CS 177883
Ch. Annera Amyas Leigh
 7-Feb-1987, GCCF: CS 032036, 23
Bastis Ashanto,  26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017794, 23a
Ch. Tausert's Habanera,  26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017800, 23
Abyglen Catrio
 8-May-1986, GCCF: CS 009863, 23
GC Annera Emblem,  7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213866, 23a
Seawind Salyx,  23-Mar-1982, GCCF: NS 167925, 23
Ch. Mikkar Heathermist
GCCF: CS 303405
GC Calderon Blackadder
GCCF: CS 107603
Ch. Taishun Blue Aziecanbee
 18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222011, 23c
Tausert's Blue Blazes,  22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Tausert's Ice Capade,  9-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Calderon Yasmina
 3-Apr-1988, GCCF: CS 062385, 23
Bastis Ashanto,  26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017794, 23a
Annera Undine,  19-Feb-1986, GCCF: CS 008659, 23
Mikkar Pixiedust
GCCF: CS 143829
GC Mycene Mood Indigo
 6-Aug-1987, GCCF: CS 042276, 23c
Ch. Mycene Geronimo,  22-Dec-1981, GCCF: NS 166943, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine,  18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222014, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong
 8-Jun-1988, GCCF: CS 066033, 23
GC Asmera Abbay Apollo,  28-Apr-1983, GCCF: NS 215393, 23
Ch. Praxis Zubeneschamali,  12-Apr-1987, GCCF: CSSR 032140, 23c

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