Usual Male Abyssinian

Kipper is surely our best-known cat. He has been shown so many times, and we still give him the odd outing, now as a neuter.

It was not just his good looks that won him the honours, as you will know if you saw him being judged. He loves people, and cuddled up to the judges - how much is that worth? He made Champion at the age of 1, GC at the age of 2, UK GC at the age of 3, and on his 4th birthday, 18th November 1996, he became the Supreme UK GC at the NEC, Birmingham. What a day that was, I can tell you!

Recently neutered, he now shares his quarters with Bella; they love each other now, though he would never tolerate company (except for his amours) when he was still entire.

There are so many stories about Kipper, its hard to know where to start. He has been an ambassador for the breed for so long, though he is a little tetchier these days in the show halls. There was the famous (infamous?) occasion a couple of years back where he got Mikkar Abyssinians' one and only biting certificate, sinking his teeth rather firmly into a certain steward's jaw - at least no-one can say he hasn't got a level bite, least of all Steve!

Pedigree of Supreme UK GC Mikkar Giddy Kipper

Breed: 23

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:  18-Nov-1992

Reg. Details: GCCF: CS 228021

Breeder: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas

Owner: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Abyglen Admiral
GCCF: CS 037463
GC Annera Emblem
GCCF: NS 213866
GP Annera Benedick
GCCF: NS 166788
Tausert's Ki O Kazam
 28-Jan-1978, GCCF: NS 090635, 23
Avenue Pepi-Cola of Crescent,  4-Apr-1974, CFA: 0380-003364 V107, 23
Quint.Ch. Tausert's Tygr-Lil,  14-Jan-1977, CFA: 0381-006402 V110, 23
Ch. Syrinx Habanera
 10-May-1980, GCCF: NS 147462, 23a
GC Philos Roca,  11-Aug-1977, GCCF: NS 70330, 23a
Seawind Syrinx,  , GCCF: NS 66183, 23
GC Sancharma Biriani
GCCF: NS 117468
GC Philos Roca
 11-Aug-1977, GCCF: NS 70330, 23a
Jasper,  28-Nov-1975, GCCF: NS 22322, 23a
Ch. Philos Rose Quartz,  30-Aug-1971, GCCF: 227882, 23a
Nailuang Abessijn Borsa
 10-Sep-1978, GCCF: NS 74855, 23
Ch. Zula's Ebby Robinsson,  20-Apr-1977, GCCF: NS 68668, 23
Emmigje Van De Angstelburcht,  22-Apr-1977, GCCF: NS 68667, 23
Seawind Salyx
GCCF: NS 167925
GC Seawind Swatamoth
GCCF: NS 69377
Ch. Prindos Kas
 5-Jul-1972, GCCF: 239662, 23
Shaitan,  1-Jun-1971, GCCF: 221530, 23
Ch. Prindos Cha Cha,  19-Mar-1970, GCCF: 200186, 23
Ch. Albyn Jewel
 1-Oct-1971, GCCF: 224242, 23
Ch. Contented Ashanto,  30-Apr-1967, GCCF: 153056, 23
Contented Jina,  12-Jul-1970, GCCF: 209310, 23
Ch. Seawind Sable Twentypins
GCCF: NS 57186
Ch. Amba Diabolo
 11-Oct-1974, GCCF: NS 18403, 23
Joctan Sabaka,  16-Feb-1973, GCCF: 247240, 23
Threeways Gemini,  9-May-1970, GCCF: 204481, 23
Ch. Albyn Jewel
 1-Oct-1971, GCCF: 224242, 23
Ch. Contented Ashanto,  30-Apr-1967, GCCF: 153056, 23
Contented Jina,  12-Jul-1970, GCCF: 209310, 23
Mikkar Pixiedust
GCCF: CS 143829
GC Mycene Mood Indigo
GCCF: CS 042276
Ch. Mycene Geronimo
GCCF: NS 166943
Tausert's The Wild One
 31-Jul-1980, GCCF: NS 149000, 23
GC, NW Bastis Zackariah, DM,  1-Mar-1974, CFA: 0380-003371 V107, 23
GC Tausert's Kundalini,  28-Jan-1978, CFA: 0381-007238 V111, 23
Taishun Ayesha
 15-Sep-1979, GCCF: NS 115958, 23
Tausert's Ki O Kazam,  28-Jan-1978, GCCF: NS 090635, 23
Taishun Abigail [ii],  27-Jun-1977, GCCF: NS 68710, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine
GCCF: NS 222014
Tausert's Blue Blazes
 22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Jaanus Jamila of Tausert,  , CFA: 0381-87029 V1082, 23
Tausert's Ice Capade
 9-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Ch. Lohrengel Lapis Lazuli of Tausert,  23-Dec-1981, CFA: 0384-107202 V1282, 23c
Catknapp Bertha D'Blues of Tausert,  7-Apr-1981, CFA: 0385-072967, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong
GCCF: CS 066033
GC Asmera Abbay Apollo
GCCF: NS 215393
Ch. Palisander Beowulf
 27-Jan-1981, GCCF: NS 166209, 23
Ch. Bourree Malak,  19-Apr-1978, GCCF: NS 72382, 23
Aphrodite,  7-Aug-1979, GCCF: NS 147335, 23
Jeunesse Zula
 29-Jan-1982, GCCF: NS 167350, 23
Ch. & GC Fellows Copper Flash of Mara-Ty,  15-Dec-1976, GCCF: NS 164399, 23a
Azeda,  29-Jun-1979, GCCF: NS 115125, 23
Ch. Praxis Zubeneschamali
GCCF: CSSR 032140
Crownfields Blue Thunder
 27-Apr-1984, GCCF: NS 222248, 23c
Gold Dbl.GC Lohrengel Barrow Bambi III,  23-May-1982, GCCF: NS 220040, 23c
Crownfields Touchwood,  18-Feb-1979, GCCF: NS 89935, 23
Ch. Abylov Blue Comet
 6-Dec-1985, GCCF: CSSR 006165, 23c
Ch. Taishun Blue Aziecanbee,  18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222011, 23c
Amabo Blue Crystal,  , GCCF: SRNS 275953, 23c

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