Usual Male Abyssinian

Lynx is the new kid on the block, and what a little star! Overall BIS at the ACA show in April 2003, he had a truly magnificent first adult show; he made it to Champion at the ACC show in June (3 straight shows), and was also BIS Adult and winner of the coveted Linquenda Trophy. He will be parading in the show halls over the rest of 2003 I'm sure.

Just look at those magnificent eartufts! It took a lot for Mike & Eileen Walters to part with him, so a huge Thank You to them for that.

He moved into his brand new quarters and pen the day he arrived, Good Friday, and he is settling in quite nicely now. Favourite occupations at the moment are are chasing flowerheads stuck on twigs (cheap toy!) and miaowing Please Don't Go when we go back to the house.

Lynx is a proven sorrel carrier. We welcome stud enquiries now that he is of age and completely settled in his new home. Our normal terms and conditions apply.

Pedigree of GC Myleenus Lordofthelynx

Breed: 23

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:  11-Jun-2002

Reg. Details: GCCF: CS 527458

Breeder: Mrs Eileen Walters

Owner: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ch. Riverfern Solomon
GCCF: CS 426869
Ch. Seawind Soppilynx
GCCF: CS 368720
Seawind Soopalugs
GCCF: CS 196320
Seawind Shantung
 17-Jan-1989, GCCF: CS 092747, 23
Ch. Brumbeau Abracadabra,  26-Jul-1979, GCCF: NS 115198, 23
Seawind Silkamy,  5-Jul-1987, ?: CS 048555, 23
Annera Gorgeous Gussie
 7-Jul-1983, GCCF: NS 215744, 23
Seawind Somers Isle,  17-Feb-1982, GCCF: NS 167727, 23
Ch. Annera Beatrice,  10-Nov-1981, GCCF: NS 166787, 23
Adkrish Frederika Joctan
GCCF: CS 091582
Abyglen Shalavak
 14-Oct-1983, GCCF: NS 220512, 23a
GC Annera Emblem,  7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213866, 23a
Ch. Dreamgirl,  3-Sep-1981, GCCF: NS 166776, 23a
Foxfleet Orchis
 , GCCF: CS 040440, 23
Ch. Annera Halloween,  2-Nov-1983, GCCF: NS 220677, 23a
Syrinx Melody,  20-Aug-1982, GCCF: NS 213859, 23
GC Riverfern Grace
GCCF: CS 320188
GC Mikkar Africansummer
GCCF: CS 161014
GC Mycene Mood Indigo
 6-Aug-1987, GCCF: CS 042276, 23c
Ch. Mycene Geronimo,  22-Dec-1981, GCCF: NS 166943, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine,  18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222014, 23c
Ch. & Pr. Craiglynn Cassandra
 12-Dec-1989, GCCF: CS 123213, 23a
Bastis Ashanto,  26-Dec-1985, GCCF: CS 017794, 23a
Annera Xanthe,  14-Jun-1986, GCCF: CS 013004, 23
Echuca Sorrell
GCCF: CS 283413
GC Annera Amoroso
 23-Sep-1989, GCCF: CS 120918, 23
GC Abyglen Admiral,  21-Mar-1987, GCCF: CS 037463, 23
Annera Uptowngirl,  19-Feb-1986, GCCF: CS 008658, 23
Echuca Roberta
 6-Nov-1990, GCCF: CS 159494, 23
GC Annera Bobbie Dazzler,  7-Apr-1987, GCCF: CS 038491, 23a
Lionelle Sharma Dawn,  18-Jul-1988, GCCF: CS 071263, 23
Kokimaye Irma Ladouce
GCCF: CS 426565
Ch. Libella Larousse
GCCF: CS 003630
GC Styran Asterix
GCCF: NS 165182
GC Shoulang Simba
 6-Apr-1979, GCCF: NS 88146, 23
GC Seawind Swatamoth,  22-Aug-1977, GCCF: NS 69377, 23
Danbeck Hysopus,  15-Oct-1974, GCCF: NS 18260, 23
Ch. Bernina Red Daphne
 20-Nov-1979, GCCF: NS 130978, 23a
Fairlie Cherrytree,  22-Sep-1977, GCCF: NS 69374, 23a
Linquenda Estella,  2-Nov-1977, GCCF: NS 70270, 23
Djenoun Lamora
GCCF: NS 222706
Curiosity Julius
 8-Mar-1981, GCCF: NS 165339, 23
Ch. Bourree Malak,  19-Apr-1978, GCCF: NS 72382, 23
Mallorca Kadsai,  1-Oct-1977, GCCF: NS 70252, 23
Ch. Annera Eleanora
 7-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213870, 23
GP Annera Benedick,  10-Nov-1981, GCCF: NS 166788, 23
GC Sancharma Biriani,  28-Jan-1980, GCCF: NS 117468, 23
Myleenus Gazelle
GCCF: CS 385882
Pr. Willowland Quantum
GCCF: CS 292921
Seawind Shantung
 17-Jan-1989, GCCF: CS 092747, 23
Ch. Brumbeau Abracadabra,  26-Jul-1979, GCCF: NS 115198, 23
Seawind Silkamy,  5-Jul-1987, ?: CS 048555, 23
Willowland Meadowsweet
 , GCCF: CS 230871, 23
Willowland Garfield,  16-Jul-1990, GCCF: CS 147040, 23
Libella Lizzie Drippin,  10-Feb-1986, GCCF: CS 007323, 23a
Ch. & Pr. Mikkar Leonora
GCCF: CS 321272
GC Mikkar Blue Buccaneer
 28-Dec-1990, GCCF: CS 161017, 23c
GC Mycene Mood Indigo,  6-Aug-1987, GCCF: CS 042276, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong,  8-Jun-1988, GCCF: CS 066033, 23
Fairport Rosie
 27-May-1992, GCCF: CS 211255, 23a
GC Abyglen Admiral,  21-Mar-1987, GCCF: CS 037463, 23
Ch. Craiglynn Belinda Lou,  20-Dec-1988, GCCF: CS 090317, 23a

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