Welcome to the MIKKAR Abyssinians home page

The MIKKAR prefix (cattery name) is now very well known in the UK, and is owned jointly by myself, Mike Shammas, and my wife Karen. Mik + Kar = MIKKAR! All of the Abyssinian cats bred by us use this prefix as the first part of their full registered name. Click here for a list of all the cats we have bred.

We live in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire (in the south-west of England), and we produced our first litter of Abyssinians in 1989. We only breed Abyssinians. Kittens For Sale

This is a summary of our breeding programme and practices:-

Our Stud Cats

We have two stud males living with us, and they are used very carefully. We are at public stud (which means that we are prepared to take in other people's queens, by prior arrangement only. Like most stud owners, we do ask that you ensure certain terms and conditions. You can look at the studs and their pedigrees by clicking on the links to Cheeky or Lynx at the top of the page. We are prepared to allow Cheeky to be used in responsible breeding programs for other breeds of cat, e.g. LaPerm.

Our Queens

We currently have three queens, but thi site is awaiting update - please contact us for details..

PK-Deficiency Status

All of our breeding cats have been tested and are PK-Deficiency status 'normal'.  All of our retired breeding cats have also been tested, and are also 'normal' status.

Kittens Available

Contact details

Please e-mail mikeshammas@abyworld.com, or ring us on 01453-834235