Mike Shammas

This is me, Mike Shammas, with Lynx (rarely stays put!).

I have a degree and Ph.D in Metallurgy, which I haven't touched in years. I do VB development, consultancy and training and have MCSD and MCT certification at present. I am the brains(?) behind AbyWorld.com.

My role at Mikkar Abyssinians is to take the credit for anything good, and to pass on the blame if anything bad happens! I also feed and muck out the 'outside' cats (the ones in the catteries), clip all the claws in the household and do most of the transport.

I am also on the committee of the Abyssinian Cat Club, and I'm considering at the moment whether or not I want to go on the GCCF stewarding scheme (a first step towards trying to become a judge).