Usual Male Abyssinian


Vincent is a pet-quality male that we have kept, because he has a serious heart murmur (if you listen to his heart it goes Squelch ... Squelch ... Squelch).  We felt it was not fair to let him go to another home with no definite prospect of a long life.

He is generally a very happy chap, but hates to be picked up.

Pedigree of Mikkar Vincent

Breed: Usual

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 04-Aug-2005

Reg. Details: GCCF: CS 631957

Breeder: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas

Owner: Dr M & Mrs K Shammas
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Myleenus Lordofthelynx

Born: 11-Jun-2002
Reg.#: GCCF: CS 527458
Breed: 23

Ch. Riverfern Solomon

Born: 04-Mar-1999
Reg.#: GCCF: CS 426869
Breed: 23

Ch. Seawind Soppilynx

GCCF: CS 368720

Seawind Soopalugs

02-Oct-1991, GCCF: CS 196320, 23

Seawind Shantung  17-Jan-1989, GCCF: CS 092747, 23
Annera Gorgeous Gussie  07-Jul-1983, GCCF: NS 215744, 23
Adkrish Frederika Joctan

14-Jan-1989, GCCF: CS 091582, 23

Abyglen Shalavak  14-Oct-1983, GCCF: NS 220512, 23a
Foxfleet Orchis  -, GCCF: CS 040440, 23
GC Riverfern Grace

GCCF: CS 320188

GC Mikkar Africansummer

27-Dec-1990, GCCF: CS 161014, 23

GC Mycene Mood Indigo  06-Aug-1987, GCCF: CS 042276, 23c
Ch. & Pr. Craiglynn Cassandra  12-Dec-1989, GCCF: CS 123213, 23a
Echuca Sorrell

28-Aug-1994, GCCF: CS 283413, 23

GC Annera Amoroso  23-Sep-1989, GCCF: CS 120918, 23
Echuca Roberta  06-Nov-1990, GCCF: CS 159494, 23
Kokimaye Irma Ladouce

Born: 07-Feb-1999
Reg.#: GCCF: CS 426565
Breed: 23

Ch. Libella Larousse

GCCF: CS 003630

GC Styran Asterix

07-May-1981, GCCF: NS 165182, 23

GC Shoulang Simba  06-Apr-1979, GCCF: NS 88146, 23
Ch. Bernina Red Daphne  20-Nov-1979, GCCF: NS 130978, 23a
Djenoun Lamora

25-Jul-1984, GCCF: NS 222706, 23

Curiosity Julius  08-Mar-1981, GCCF: NS 165339, 23
Ch. Annera Eleanora  07-Oct-1982, GCCF: NS 213870, 23
Myleenus Gazelle

GCCF: CS 385882

Pr. Willowland Quantum

24-Nov-1994, GCCF: CS 292921, 23a

Seawind Shantung  17-Jan-1989, GCCF: CS 092747, 23
Willowland Meadowsweet  -, GCCF: CS 230871, 23
Ch. & Pr. Mikkar Leonora

27-Oct-1995, GCCF: CS 321272, 23

GC Mikkar Blue Buccaneer  28-Dec-1990, GCCF: CS 161017, 23c
Fairport Rosie  27-May-1992, GCCF: CS 211255, 23a
Ch. Mikkar Harmony

Born: 06-Apr-2002
Reg.#: GCCF: CS 523198
Breed: 23c

GC Mikkar Blue Buccaneer

Born: 28-Dec-1990
Reg.#: GCCF: CS 161017
Breed: 23c

GC Mycene Mood Indigo

GCCF: CS 042276

Ch. Mycene Geronimo

22-Dec-1981, GCCF: NS 166943, 23

Tausert's The Wild One  31-Jul-1980, GCCF: NS 149000, 23
Taishun Ayesha  15-Sep-1979, GCCF: NS 115958, 23
Ch. Taishun Blue Maxine

18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222014, 23c

Tausert's Blue Blazes  22-Feb-1983, CFA: NS 221802, 23c
Tausert's Ice Capade  09-Mar-1983, GCCF: NS 221801, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong

GCCF: CS 066033

GC Asmera Abbay Apollo

28-Apr-1983, GCCF: NS 215393, 23

Ch. Palisander Beowulf  27-Jan-1981, GCCF: NS 166209, 23
Jeunesse Zula  29-Jan-1982, GCCF: NS 167350, 23
Ch. Praxis Zubeneschamali

12-Apr-1987, GCCF: CSSR 032140, 23c

Crownfields Blue Thunder  27-Apr-1984, GCCF: NS 222248, 23c
Ch. Abylov Blue Comet  06-Dec-1985, GCCF: CSSR 006165, 23c
Ch. Mikkar Century Dawning

Born: 24-Jun-1998
Reg.#: GCCF: CSSR 408441
Breed: 23

Ch. Solwayview Fergus James

GCCF: CSSR 315630

Ch. Solwayview Afteradam

28-Jun-1992, GCCF: CSSR 212904, 23a

Calderon Domino  22-May-1991, GCCF: CSEXP 170320, 23e
Ch. Abyglen Aquabrigit  29-Oct-1990, GCCF: CS 154841, 23a
Ch. Abyglen Asterel

02-Jul-1991, GCCF: CS 177883, 23

Ch. Annera Amyas Leigh  07-Feb-1987, GCCF: CS 032036, 23
Abyglen Catrio  08-May-1986, GCCF: CS 009863, 23
Ch. Mikkar Heathermist

GCCF: CS 303405

GC Calderon Blackadder

06-Aug-1989, GCCF: CS 107603, 23

Ch. Taishun Blue Aziecanbee  18-May-1984, GCCF: NS 222011, 23c
Calderon Yasmina  03-Apr-1988, GCCF: CS 062385, 23
Mikkar Pixiedust

14-Jul-1990, GCCF: CS 143829, 23c

GC Mycene Mood Indigo  06-Aug-1987, GCCF: CS 042276, 23c
Karthwine Tirya Clearsong  08-Jun-1988, GCCF: CS 066033, 23

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