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Adonesh Kishan Shoulang
GC Styran Asterix   x  Shybu Xanthou 
Cat ID:  444     Record Added by:  Shammas, Mike & Karen     Last Changed:  22/06/1997 21:39:35     Record Version:  0 
Data Sources:  ACC Cat.'85 
Title / DM:  
Cattery Name: (none) 
Name: Adonesh Kishan Shoulang
Suffix: (none) 
Sex: Male
Breed: 23 (Usual Abyssinian)
Date of Birth: 19-May-1983
Registration Body: GCCF
Registration No.
Blood Group: ?
Carrying Status:
Country/Export History: UK
Breeder: Mrs B Verney
Owner: Mrs B Verney

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