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Multimedia Abyssinians!

We want your sounds and video clips! If you have any REAL Abyssinian recordings, please e-mail them to me at mikeshammas@abyworld.com, for inclusion on this page.

Government Health Warning: Do not play these clips when your cats are present - you may cause a fight!
Sounds Only
Miaow 1 Greetings!
Miaow 2 Look at me! 
Miaow 3 I'm so pretty!
Miaow 4 Why don't you talk to me?
Miaow 5I can miaow like a teddy bear
Miaow 6I can miaow like a pidgeon!
Miaow 7You never take me anywhere!
Miaow 8Please can I have that?
Video Clips
Crazy Horses  In the words of Portia Neff, who submitted this clip of her Aby Antares , "We were camping (always take the cats with when we go), and there were some people next to us that had a horse. He took great offense at this horse, and the clip has him growling and fluffed up at this horse that he could see out of the RV's window".   (960Kb, 1min 6secs. Format: WMV).
Tapwater  Kipper, when aged 12, learned a new trick - you can drink from a tap!  Now, its the only way to drink (no more leaning into toilet bowls for him!)   (4.9Mb, 1min 0secs. Format: AVI).