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Cat0-- Deleted Cat Record --, Male, ?, :
Cat1Female Not In Database, Female, ?
Cat2Male Not In Database, Male, ?
Cat3Male Somali / Somali Variant, Male, 63*
Cat4Female Somali / Somali Variant, Female, 63*
Cat5Unknown Female, Female, ?
Cat6Unknown Male, Male, ?
Cat20Ababa Tigre, Male, 23, 14-Aug-1960, CFA:0380-000138
Cat21Abbai, Female, 23
Cat70Abbai Tigre, Female, 23, 14-Aug-1960, CFA:0381-000191
Cat74Abdella El Pasht Of Chattan, Female, 23, 13-Feb-1955, CFA:81-SB-892
Cat76Abeba, Female, ?
Cat100Abigail Of Charmayne, Female, 23, CFF:61-F-29437-1
Cat101Abishag Of Evesham, Female, 23, CFA:0381-007485
Cat102GC Abi-Kaftan Of Rendale, Male, 23, CFA:0380-4382
Cat103GC Abigail Of Shermax, Female, 23, 27-Jul-1953, CFA:80-SB-370
Cat117Ch. Abou, Male, 23, 19-May-1934, GCCF:24391
Cat254Abysii Arabesque, Female, ?, NZCF:42531
Cat314GC Abycraft Lady Apollo, Female, 23, VIC:FCC 919V78
Cat315Aby Lane Der Rosenkavalier, Male, 23, CFA:0380-001207
Cat361Ch. Acantha Abra, Female, 23a, 12-May-1973
Cat362Acacia Ada, Female, 23a, 12-May-1973
Cat379Addeish Aphrodite Blutips, Female, 23c, 19-Aug-1992
Cat380Addeish Arthur, Male, 23a, 28-Jan-1992
Cat382Addeish Gimme Shelter, Male, 23e, 13-Jun-1992, GCCF:CSEXP 207490
Cat383Addeish Golden Dew, Female, 23e, 30-Jun-1992, GCCF:CSEXP 218972
Cat384Addeish Izzy, Female, 23, 28-Jan-1992
Cat385Pr. Addeish Laurenteeno, Female, 23c, 19-Aug-1992
Cat386Addeish Mystra, Female, 23c, 30-Jun-1992
Cat387Addeish Polgara, Female, 23a, 15-Feb-1992
Cat389Adhuish Akhenaten, Male, 23a, 15-Dec-1989
Cat390Adhuish Bacchus, Male, 23, 11-May-1990, GCCF:
Cat391Adhuish Baron Munchaussen, Male, 23, 07-Feb-1989, GCCF:CSSR 145300
Cat392Adhirsh Bluebirds Zuleika, Female, 23c, 12-Oct-1994, GCCF:
Cat394Adhuish Jason, Male, 23, 09-Nov-1989, GCCF:
Cat395Pr. Adhuish Leo, Male, 23a, 07-Dec-1989
Cat396Adhuish Mezme Star, Female, 23d, 29-Jul-1989
Cat397Adhuish Moonflower, Female, 23, 16-Feb-1990, GCCF:CS 127797
Cat399Adhuish Penelope, Female, 23, 09-Mar-1990
Cat400Adhuish Remus, Male, 23, 07-Oct-1990
Cat402Adhuish Young Darjeeling, Female, 23c
Cat403Adis Ababa, ?, 03-Jun-1911
Cat404Adivesh Anni, Female, 23, 20-Nov-1986
Cat405Ch. Adivesh Apricot Natasha, Female, 23, 03-Sep-1987, GCCF:CS 044824
Cat406Adixish Arcturus, Male, 23as, 25-Apr-1988, GCCF:CSSR 067280
Cat407Adixish Belem Topaz, Female, 23, 22-Jun-1988
Cat408Adixish Blue Chalcedony, Female, 23c, 28-Mar-1988
Cat409Pr. Adixish Bouhaki Zella, Male, 23a, 07-Aug-1988
Cat410Adivesh Brierley, Female, 23a, 20-Jun-1987, GCCF:
Cat411Adixish Busters Beauty, Male, 23e, 11-Mar-1988
Cat412Adivesh Contented Amoroso, Male, 23a, 26-May-1987, GCCF:CS 050177
Cat413Adixish Cornelius Archer, Male, 23, 22-Jun-1988
Cat414Adixish Cressida, Female, 23, 09-Dec-1988
Cat415Adixish Diva, Female, 23s, 26-Jul-1988, GCCF:CSSR 078035
Cat416Adixish Ferrando, Male, 23e, 03-Jun-1988
Cat417Adivesh Geminga Andromeda, Female, 23c, 19-Nov-1985, GCCF:CSSR 032293
Cat418Adixish Gerald Gingernut, Male, 23a, 02-Aug-1988, GCCF:
Cat419Adixish Henrietta Hazelnut, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1988, GCCF:
Cat420Adinnsh Hollybear Harmony, Female, 23, 23-Jul-1993
Cat421Adixish Jasmine, Female, 23, 16-Nov-1987
Cat422Adixish Kalyan Kutir, Male, 23, 07-Aug-1988
Cat423Adivesh Lacy, Female, 23d, 10-Aug-1986, GCCF:CSEXP 042320
Cat424Adixish Macushla, Female, 23, 25-Dec-1987
Cat425Adixish Moonstone, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 064036
Cat426Adixish Najune Jasper, Male, 23, 22-Jun-1988
Cat427Adivesh Silver Surprise, Female, 23s, 04-Apr-1987, GCCF:CSSR 034403
Cat428Adixish Tirechan Meitheamh, Male, 23a, 19-Jun-1988, GCCF:
Cat429Adixish Tobias Fidhleir, Male, 23, 16-Nov-1987
Cat430Adinnsh Tygerseye, Female, 23, 20-Sep-1993, GCCF:CSSR 251697
Cat431Ch. Adixish Zorbeedee, Female, 23a, 07-Aug-1988
Cat432Adkrish Frederika Joctan, Female, 23, 14-Jan-1989, GCCF:CS 091582
Cat433Adkrish Hennadyn Shareer, Female, 23, 01-Jan-1989
Cat434Adkrish Laurel Khalila, Female, 23b, 02-Jul-1988
Cat435Adkrish Myristica, Female, 23es, 30-Apr-1989, GCCF:CS EXP 101187
Cat436Adkrish Sassiekat Sadie, Female, 23, 27-Aug-1989
Cat437Adkrish Talulah Tasmin, Female, 23c, 20-Jan-1989
Cat438Adouzsh Abwood Patsy, Female, 23c, 10-Feb-1994
Cat439Adouzsh Amberlynx, Female, 23, 06-Apr-1994, GCCF:CS 273913
Cat440Adonesh Bubastis, Male, 23, 26-May-1983, GCCF:NS 220330
Cat441Adouzsh Crackle, Female, 23, 25-Jul-1994
Cat442Adonesh Gerda, Female, 23, 24-May-1983
Cat443Adonesh Katoa Kazam, Male, 23, 19-May-1983
Cat444Adonesh Kishan Shoulang, Male, 23, 19-May-1983
Cat445Adonesh Metou Pwii, Female, 23, 16-Feb-1983, GCCF:NS 214736
Cat446Adouzsh Myristica, Female, 23, 05-Apr-1994
Cat447Adouzsh Prunus Victoria, Female, 23, 22-Nov-1993, GCCF:CS 258872
Cat448Ch. Adouzsh Rosemary, Female, 23a, 05-Apr-1994, GCCF:CS 267917
Cat449Adowa, Female, ?
Cat450Adqwesh Chichi Chablis, Female, 23as, 19-Aug-1986, GCCF:CSSR 020048
Cat451Adqwesh Mopsy Pingping, Female, 23, 14-Aug-1986, GCCF:CS 015223
Cat452Adqwesh Purdey Crackshot, Female, 23b, 10-Aug-1985
Cat453Adqwesh Rosy Promise, Female, 23
Cat454Adqwesh Super Ted, Male, 23a, 28-Jun-1985
Cat455Adraysh Aditi, Female, 23c, 10-May-1991, GCCF:CSSR 177027
Cat456Ch. Adraysh Amisha, Female, 23c
Cat457Adraysh Amy Joy, Female, 23a, 21-Jul-1990
Cat458Adraysh Aprilsunset, Male, 23a, 28-Mar-1991
Cat459Adraysh Blue Poppy, Female, 23c, 02-Apr-1990
Cat460Adraysh Brown Sugar, Female, 23, 06-Aug-1991
Cat461Adreesh Chocolate Maylinc, Female, 23b, 03-Sep-1985
Cat462Adreesh Phoebes Arrow, Female, 23as, 20-Dec-1984
Cat463Adraysh Prince Valiant, Male, 23d, GCCF:CSEXP 157514
Cat464Adraysh Regalisis, Female, 23, 21-Feb-1991
Cat465Adrah Saba, Female, 23, 20-Oct-1953, GCCF:68462
Cat466Adraysh Sandie, Female, 23a, 27-May-1991
Cat467Pr. Adreesh Spike, Male, 23, 22-Sep-1985
Cat468Adonesh Silver Snowflake, Female, 23s, GCCF:EX 65256
Cat469Aduesh Carina, Female, 23, 10-Jul-1984
Cat470Adulis, Female, ?
Cat471Aduesh Saurel Sonata, Female, 23a, 30-Jul-1984
Cat492Aida Celeste, Female, 23, GCCF:117673
Cat506Akhmet Van Shabaka, Female, 23, 31-Jul-1975, NKS:NKS K 51.065
Cat507Akordat Daisy, Female, 23, 05-Apr-1980, RASCC:69469
Cat553Ali, Male, 23, 13-Dec-1953, GCCF:68494
Cat556Alicia Of Abu Simbel, Female, 23, 15-Jul-1984, CFA:0381-232979
Cat560Alkira Reneka Zita, Female, 23a, 10-Dec-1978, RASCC:61726
Cat561Allcome Timothy Menlick, Male, 23, 11-Aug-1946, GCCF:40487
Cat575Ch. Aluminium, Male, 23s, 13-Jul-1905, NCC:4463
Cat576Aluminium II, Male, 23s, 03-Sep-1907
Cat577Aluna, Female, 23, 27-Mar-1926, GCCF:SB 1580
Cat604GC Amen Ra Of Sirkarah, Male, 23, 03-Mar-1977, CFA:0380-004727
Cat613Amos, Male, 23, 22-Jun-1935, GCCF:25881
Cat652Amy Of Nite Wind, Female, 23, 21-Feb-1975, CFA:0381-005318
Cat653Anastasia Afshar, Female, ?, 09-Oct-1981
Cat654GC Anarkali Claud De Pussy, Male, 23c, 06-May-1989, RNCAS:109714
Cat655Anabel-Lee Von Haindleing, Female, 23, ZB:44527
Cat656Ana Maria Of Abdullah, Female, 23a, 20-Jul-1979, CFA:0383-003425
Cat662Emmigje Van De Angstelburcht, Female, 23, 22-Apr-1977, GCCF:NS 68667
Cat663Angel Eyes Of Foxtail, Female, 23, 29-Oct-1976, CFA:1381-0070
Cat665Angus Tush, Female, 23, 31-May-1930
Cat666Ankaret, Female, 23, 10-May-1929
Cat763Anntor Sarza, Male, 23, 31-May-1961, GCCF:107358
Cat820Aphrodite, Female, 23, 07-Aug-1979, GCCF:NS 147335
Cat821Ch. Apricot Sorceress, Female, 23, 13-May-1982
Cat822Pr. Aquaxumo, Male, 23a, 18-Jun-1980
Cat827GC Araya Pasha, Male, 23, VIC:FCC 23/2372
Cat828Araminta Sagud, Female, 23, 26-Apr-1979, GCCF:NS 89903
Cat843Arjoy Velvet, Female, 23
Cat905Arogant Silver Sapphire, Female, 23cs, 24-Aug-1983
Cat917Ch. Arthur Bentley Of Lurr, Male, 23, 18-Jun-1981, CFA:0380-076894 V0482
Cat918Arti-Sha Of Shermax, Male, 23, 04-Nov-1969, CFA:0380-002053
Cat919GC Asa Alia, Female, 23a
Cat938Asmara Dione, Female, ?, 23-Apr-1972, NZCF:7173C
Cat974Faja Van Assoean, Female, 23, 26-Jun-1970, NKS:NKS K 9906
Cat979Talitha Of Van Assoean^, Female, 23, 02-Apr-1969, NKS:K 9784
Cat1003IC Cioai Von Atbara, Male, 23, 21-Jul-1968, DEZV:NKS K 9840
Cat1011Ch. Attossa, Female, 23, 20-May-1933, GCCF:22736
Cat1031Auralia Shahna-Bara, Male, 23
Cat1118Azeda, Female, 23, 29-Jun-1979, GCCF:NS 115125
Cat1132Baan Thai Maculty Of Rainy Creek, Male, 23
Cat1133Baby Bunting, Female, 23, 11-Apr-1978
Cat1134GC Babe Ferrari Red Of Walnut, DM, Female, 23a, 04-Apr-1982, CFA:0383-132241
Cat1135Bacara Fayette Of Starseyn, Female, 23, CFA:0381-007903
Cat1188Bajimbi Sunglow, Female, 23, 04-Nov-1983, RASCC:86311
Cat1196Pr. Ballybrian Imp, Male, 23, 11-Aug-1976, GCCF:
Cat1206Bamyl, Female, 23a, SVERAK:25403
Cat1207Banditt Of Joy Kitts, Male, 23, CFA:0380-218488
Cat1213Barrymore Basil, Male, 23, 08-Aug-1963, GCCF:122795
Cat1274Barrah, Male, ?, GCCF:UNREGISTERED
Cat1348Beaucher Blue Sapphire, Female, 23c, 07-May-1986, GCCF:CS 014401
Cat1352Beautiful II, Male, 23, 30-Sep-1907
Cat1360Ch. Beau Saurel, Male, 23a, 04-Oct-1979, GCCF:NS 116247
Cat1372Bedouin Bravora Of Purr-Ever, Female, 23
Cat1383Belle Abbis, Female, 23, 28-Mar-1936
Cat1398Bellinden Little Gem, Female, 23, 12-Sep-1977, RASCC:56133
Cat1465GC Besian Golden Embers, Female, 23a, 29-Oct-1986
Cat1472Bethariel Ahazuerus, Male, 23, CFA:0380-002365
Cat1478Betala Ebby Cloe, Female, 23, 19-Sep-1987
Cat1497Bidibou, Female, 23, 15-Apr-1937, GCCF:29092
Cat1520Billibun, Male, 23, 20-May-1933, GCCF:22737
Cat1543Blazing Saddles, Female, 27e, GCCF:NS 21592
Cat1589Blue Nile Replique, Female, 23, 03-Apr-1967
Cat1621Bonnie Brae Byken Dimi, Female, 23
Cat1633Ch. Boris Maung Phayat, Male, 23, NRR:2163
Cat1638Bourbon Zandra, Female, ?, NZCF:5325B
Cat1639Boyle Hall Rameses, Male, 23, GCCF:48179
Cat1641Brabies Azalea, Female, 23, GCCF:114058
Cat1652Brahma, Female, 23, 01-Jun-1975, GCCF:NS 22030
Cat1668Ch. Brown Boronia, Female, 23, 20-Apr-1975
Cat1685Brownie, Female, ?
Cat1691Brumbles Arete, Female, 23
Cat1715Bubu Baba Of Pallady, Male, 23, 15-Feb-1959, CFA:0380-0031
Cat1723Bumpe De Ope Of Amulet, Female, 23, 01-Apr-1967, CFA:0381-001436
Cat1748Burnt Sienna, Female, 23a, 04-Oct-1979
Cat1769Byssinia, Female, 23, 12-Jun-1929, GCCF:16115
Cat1773Caffre Cameo, Female, 23a
Cat1807Calamity Jane, Female, 23, 03-Jun-1973
Cat1809Calahorra Mia, Female, 23, 30-Mar-1989, RASCC:112384
Cat1816Byoux Van Candace, Female, 23, 28-Aug-1970, NKS:NKS K 9928
Cat1838Carmen Panberry, Male, ?
Cat1870Cassandra, Female, 23c, 28-Apr-1976, GCCF:NS 26976
Cat1982Ch. Charming Lottie, Female, 23, 19-Mar-1977
Cat1986Chantel Of Blue Iris, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002644
Cat1994Charmian, Female, 23, 20-Apr-1936, GCCF:28188
Cat2023Cheveux Dores, Female, 23, CFA:0361-258622
Cat2039Ch. Cheney Kae, Male, 23, 06-May-1967, GCCF:162055
Cat2058Cheops Of Danapoint, Male, 23
Cat2080Chinthne Abi Tristan, Female, 23, 30-Nov-1977, QLD:S 2128
Cat2084Chilli Bon Bon, Female, 23a, 26-Sep-1978
Cat2152Ch. Christel Angie Babe, Female, 23
Cat2159Christmas Mac Kiann Of Jim-Dor, Female, 23
Cat2178Cinderella Of Royal Gems, Female, 23, ACFA:AOR-S66-802-
Cat2179Cindy Of Blue Seal, Female, 23, 10-Oct-1950, CFA:62-FR-819-2
Cat2180Cindy Of Kikidi, Female, 23, CFA:0381-214804
Cat2195Cirmos Messalina, Female, 23, SVERAK:SVERAK 11.114
Cat2224Cleopatra, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1976, GCCF:NS 22186
Cat2225Cloud Ridge Vashti, Female, ?, GCCF:
Cat2226Clove, Female, 23, CFA:0381-007520
Cat2228Clytemnestra, Female, 23, 20-Jul-1976
Cat2229Cognac, Male, 23
Cat2230Cohana Pinni Abi, Female, 23a, 05-May-1974, CFA:0383-003018
Cat2312Corkea, Female, 23
Cat2313Coral Mist, Male, 23, CFA:0380-000363
Cat2314Cotena, Female, 23, 26-Jun-1936, GCCF:28835
Cat2321Ch. Craodina Aby Pepi, Male, 23, 24-Dec-1977, QLD:Q 78263
Cat2347GC Crevette Kermanshah, Male, 23, 24-Jan-1981, QFED:97/23/Q81
Cat2356Cringle, Female, 23, 22-Jun-1982, GCCF:NS 213906
Cat2434Cynthia, Female, 23, 22-Apr-1970, GCCF:204391
Cat2438Dafri Ellagabalus Of Tai-Pan, Male, 23, CFA:0380-003418
Cat2452Dalmahoy Tamr-Hindi, Female, 23, 11-Dec-1980, RASCC:75377
Cat2453Damaria Fenscat, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000642
Cat2459Dancing Son Of Neferra, Male, 23, 06-Jun-1981, CFA:0380-094422
Cat2462Dantrus Of Crescent, Male, 23, 11-Mar-1970, CFA:0380-002133
Cat2488Darcliffe Ra Felidae, Male, 23a, 23-Mar-1980, VIC:FCC 189V80
Cat2513GC David Copperfield Van De Jasmijnhoeve, Male, 23a, 12-Feb-1969, NKS:NKS K 9778
Cat2556Debra Of Caithness, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000358
Cat2566Deekirch Doriana, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 68502
Cat2581Desiderian Cinderella, Female, 23a, SRK:1676
Cat2655Dickon, Male, 23, 10-Apr-1910, NCC:7700
Cat2736Ch. Dreamgirl, Female, 23a, 03-Sep-1981, GCCF:NS 166776
Cat2737Dreamland Peter, Male, 24
Cat2743Ch. Duamutef, Male, 23a, 02-Sep-1971, GCCF:231210
Cat2801Egypt Of Es Ta, Female, 23, 30-Apr-1958, CFA:0381-000109
Cat2810Eileen, Female, 23, 14-Aug-1981, :
Cat2824Eleni Cream Toric, Male, 23g, 07-May-1984
Cat2890Elsa, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1975
Cat2941Emily Of Mirkwood, Female, 23, 26-Dec-1969, CFA:0381-002813
Cat2942Empress Zauditu, Female, 23, 17-Jul-1924, GCCF:9994
Cat2970Esther Abigail, Female, 23, 30-Jun-1963, CFA:0381-000471
Cat2971Estras Brucella, Female, 23, 24-Aug-1980, NRR:2699
Cat2974E. Suyine, Female, 23, 16-May-1972, NKS:K 18.153
Cat3078Fancy, Female, 23, CFA:0381-006361
Cat3079Fancy Free, Female, ?
Cat3108Felen Fawr's Anita, Female, 23a, 14-Mar-1985, NCT:856164
Cat3145Fibber Magee Of Mary-D, Male, 23, 11-Jul-1975, CFA:0380-004022
Cat3215Fireside Tiger Lily, Female, 23
Cat3217Flo, Female, ?
Cat3220Ch. Flor D' Luna's Abel, Male, 23
Cat3222Florio, Female, 23, 25-May-1956, GCCF:86680
Cat3224Flotsam, Female, 23, 22-Jul-1982, GCCF:NS 213904
Cat3240Four Flags Har-Bridge Rusty, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002049
Cat3248Francies Charley Farley, Male, 23, 21-Oct-1977, VIC:FCC 39V77
Cat3268Freyja, Female, 23, 27-Jun-1981
Cat3270Aranka Von Friedenshain, Female, 23, 04-Jul-1964, DEZV:DEZV A.201
Cat3273IC Daimon Von Friedenshain, Male, 23, 29-Mar-1966, DEZV:DEZV A.243
Cat3284Gabrielle Of Amulet, Female, 23, 01-Jun-1967, CFA:0381-001377
Cat3334Galadriels Tacksi, Female, 23, SVERAK:27309
Cat3340Gamina, Female, 23, 14-May-1973
Cat3347Gariell Morningdew, Female, 23, 28-Jun-1976
Cat3348Gatti Del Violetta Belle-Amie, Female, 23a, SRK:10098
Cat3349Ch. Gingerbicky, Female, 23a, 03-Sep-1981, GCCF:NS 166777
Cat3350Geisha Girl, Female, 23, 19-Nov-1919
Cat3354Geor-Al Tutseyn II Of Sun Dance, Female, 23, 17-Oct-1973, CFA:0381-004443
Cat3355GC Gersue Levi Strauss Of Lawndale, Male, 23c, 04-Jun-1983, CFA:0384-179100
Cat3356Geralya Lotus Blossom, Female, 23, RASCC:43936
Cat3357Geypr'Ree Red Gauntlet, Male, 23a, 26-Nov-1974, RASCC:39962
Cat3358Gilead, Male, 23, 01-Jun-1929, GCCF:16209
Cat3359Gildor Goldberry, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1975
Cat3360Ch. Gingerbread, Male, 23, 20-Aug-1976
Cat3361Gin Gin, Female, 23a, CFF:39155
Cat3362Gipsy Rosebud, Female, 23a, 16-Jul-1967, NRR:500
Cat3420Ch. Gloriana, Female, 23a, 06-Sep-1977, GCCF:NS 69361
Cat3435Gold Tick, Female, 23, 01-Apr-1923, GCCF:18-FR-0316
Cat3444Graceful Ashanto, Male, 23, 29-Aug-1961, RASCC:7414
Cat3450Grampus Honey Cloud, Female, 23a, 26-Aug-1983
Cat3462Habesj Ayda, Female, 23, 13-Aug-1978
Cat3477Haldane O'Reilly, Male, ?, NZCF:4670B
Cat3482Happi, Female, 23c
Cat3502Hathor Ftatatita, Female, 23, 25-May-1962, GCCF:117003
Cat3503Hawkins Simba Tobi Of Kit-Kan, Male, 23
Cat3517Hecate, Female, 23, 01-Jun-1971, GCCF:221532
Cat3544Henry Viii Of Freeport, Male, 23, 21-May-1961, CFA:0380-000256
Cat3627Horatia, Female, 23, 20-Oct-1978, GCCF:NS 86058
Cat3628Houdini Mizzi, Female, 23, 01-Aug-1954, GCCF:78259
Cat3629House Of Lee's Baron, Male, 23, CFA:0380-000765
Cat3641Icletwee, Female, 23, 01-May-1960, GCCF:99684
Cat3642Icletwee's Nefra, Female, 23, GCCF:117814
Cat3645Imogene, Female, 23, 12-Jun-1929, GCCF:16277
Cat3679Iphigenia, Female, 23, GCCF:83715
Cat3680Iras P.d., Female, 23, CFA:0381-005940
Cat3682Irish Romeo Of Nesvold, Male, 23, 26-Oct-1972, CFA:0380-002851
Cat3724Jade, Female, 23a, 28-Nov-1975
Cat3732Jambo, Female, 23a, 20-Oct-1978, GCCF:NS 86081
Cat3759Janeva Of Grand Fenwick, Female, 23, ACFA:F-71-2044-A1
Cat3770Janlei Shot Of Sherry Of San-Toi, Female, 23, CFA:0381-006048
Cat3771Jangal Titipe, Male, 23, 30-Jul-1953, GCCF:68579
Cat3781Jasper, Male, 23a, 28-Nov-1975, GCCF:NS 22322
Cat3784GC Jasanco Suna, Female, 23
Cat3791Jemmini, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1975
Cat3792Jenjen, Female, 23, 20-Jul-1980, GCCF:NS 148518
Cat3793Jessamyn Of Aldebaran, Female, 23, 06-Jun-1980, CFA:0381-050936
Cat3800Ch. Jhantra Shere Khan, Male, 23, 28-Jan-1988, GCCF:
Cat3851Jo Pau Sun Glow Of Three-D, Male, 23, 22-Jun-1961, CFA:0380-000167
Cat3852Jopp Lary Cooke, Male, 23a
Cat3876Ch. Joys Ambergold, Female, 23, 04-Oct-1979, GCCF:NS 116244
Cat3922Judith Of Cademuir, Female, 23, 01-Oct-1928
Cat3935Jura-Nile Sheenon, Female, 23, CFA:0381-001783
Cat3940Jusuame Nascus Ptah, Female, 23, 21-Oct-1977, RASCC:55924
Cat3946Ka Amulet, Female, 23, CFA:0381-363169 V0587
Cat3951Kaffa, Female, 23a, 09-Sep-1975
Cat3958Kalyan Amber Of Kon-Ke-Ke, Female, 23, 21-Oct-1957, CFA:58-1475
Cat3959Kallana Amber Minx, Female, 23, 12-Oct-1974, FASA:23/842
Cat3960Kallivinkens Kleopatra, Female, 23, SVERAK:4617
Cat3964Kamba, Male, 23, 01-Nov-1975, GCCF:NS 26952
Cat3989Karastan Kuai-Mao, Female, 23a, VIC:DCC 950/23A
Cat3994Karma, Male, 23a, 28-Nov-1975, GCCF:NS 22321
Cat3999Kar-Jim Rufus Of Khartoum, Male, 23a, 31-Jul-1974, CFA:0382-002296
Cat4001Karnak Taia, Female, 23, 23-May-1974, QLD:Q 5453
Cat4008Ka Sekhmet, Female, 23, 02-Apr-1953, GCCF:65410
Cat4011GC Katten Ambassador, Male, 23, 03-Sep-1979, VIC:FCC V 1032
Cat4028Kebra Selassie, Male, ?, 01-Jan-1975, NZCF:47111
Cat4066Khan, Male, 23, 22-Feb-1976, GCCF:NS 26696
Cat4090Kilihi Crystal Of Mandu, Female, 23c, 27-Jun-1985
Cat4145Kira Debra Damo, Female, 23, LFD:27727
Cat4147Kismet Dyar Selamet, Female, 23, SRK:1804
Cat4148Kissing Joanna, Female, 23, CFA:0381-60683
Cat4166Klingon, Male, 23, 02-Nov-1977, GCCF:NS 69982
Cat4171Abu Of Knott Hall Of Blue Grass, Male, 23, 20-Apr-1953, CFA:76-SB-069
Cat4172GC Kobold Of Blue Iris, Male, 23, 25-Jan-1966
Cat4219Koristia, Female, 23, 19-Oct-1976, GCCF:
Cat4249Kutzu Kharisma, Female, 23a, 18-Mar-1982
Cat4261Lagamorpu Ricelois, Female, ?
Cat4273Lal Biladi Red Baron, Male, 23a, NRR:4436
Cat4286GC Lambrettee Zechariah, Male, 23a, 28-Jun-1974
Cat4288Lancer Of Si-Aby, Male, 23, 19-Sep-1962, CFA:0380-000352
Cat4293Lansdom Jaceranda, Male, 23a, 18-Apr-1971, FFF:1239139
Cat4308Ch. L. Bombay, Male, 23a, 02-Mar-1978, NKS:K 55.138
Cat4316Le Roux Taija Of Ma-Jah, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002358
Cat4317Les Elus Bathsheba, Female, ?
Cat4368Lil' Egypt Kyat, Female, 23, ACFA:AOR-S75-3214
Cat4369Lil' Red Shoes Of Kilborn, Female, 23, 11-Feb-1968
Cat4376Lindholmens Brenda Star, Female, 23a, 07-Nov-1980, SVERAK:31625
Cat4378Ling-Ford David Of Bili-Basha, Male, 23, 07-Jul-1960, CFA:0380-000120
Cat4383Linga, Female, 23, 01-Apr-1902
Cat4440Little Bobcat Brandy, Female, 23, CFA:0381-005750
Cat4441Little Egypt Of Tewada, Female, 23
Cat4479Lola, Female, 23
Cat4481Lor-Elei Of Nelarie, Female, 23, CFA:0381-001260
Cat4482Lorien Pippin Of Khartoum, Female, 23a, CFA:0383-141461
Cat4491IC Sascha Deuxieme Du Loup, Male, 23, 28-Sep-1971, LFD:LFD 11614
Cat4496Lovely Prince Of Peace, Male, 23, 24-Dec-1971, CFA:0380-002765
Cat4497L. Raponsje, Female, 23, 02-Mar-1978, NKS:K 55.135
Cat4507Lybyca Dalasini, Male, 23a, 20-Feb-1990
Cat4509Lyndyke Brandy Snap, Female, 23, 05-May-1982, GCCF:N.167574
Cat4513Lyndel Golden Sakima, Male, 23, 27-Sep-1974, RASCC:40031
Cat4534Madali Mr. Sharu, Male, 23a, CFA:381R-0876
Cat4542Madame X Of Kilborn, Female, 23, CFA:0381-003054
Cat4547GC Magdalen Of Fellows, Female, 23a, 02-Aug-1976, CFA:0383-003292
Cat4548Magdala, Female, 23
Cat4550Mahrs Madelene Fawn, Female, 23, 14-Jun-1981, CFA:0381-086371
Cat4579Malden Stranger, Female, ?
Cat4593Mansura Of Nile, Female, 23, CFA:0381-001123
Cat4594Manfred Von Richtofen, Male, 23, CFF:39858
Cat4601Mao Qui Vive Of Chirn Sa-Hai, Female, 23, 16-May-1953, CFA:73-SB-149
Cat4609Maracana Amber, Female, 23, 11-Aug-1966, RASCC:14194
Cat4694Mark Of Zorro Of Arcadia, Male, 23, CFA:0380-000270
Cat4742Mauo Tippi, Female, 23, 27-May-1972, CFA:0381-003863
Cat4743Maybree Amba, Female, 23a, :
Cat4760Ch. Mbada, Male, 23, 15-Apr-1972, GCCF:235186
Cat4770Melekot, Male, 23, 13-May-1956
Cat4774Melody, Female, 23
Cat4784Meno, Female, ?, 17-May-1938, GCCF:30683
Cat4805Meritamun, Female, 23e, 14-Mar-1983, CFA:0387-208715
Cat4855Mesesia Canseto, Female, 23
Cat4857Michelmouse Distela, Female, 23a, 24-Sep-1969, GCCF:199123
Cat4858Michele Of Blue Iris, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002329
Cat4923Mimanx Lady Abbeygale, Female, 23, CFA:0381-004726
Cat4940Min-Glys Leta Of Du-Ro-Al, Female, 23a, 27-Nov-1968, CFA:0383-002175
Cat4968Miss Arizona Poppy Of Avenue, Female, 23, 15-May-1978, CFA:0381-007548
Cat4971Miss Cinnamon Brandy Of Snolea, Female, 23a, CFA:0383-051950
Cat4973Miss Melodious Venture, Female, 24
Cat4979Ch. Miss Rebecca Angel, Female, 23, 31-Jul-1982, CFA:0381-119950 V0385
Cat4982Missfit, Female, 23, CFA:0381-008684
Cat4983Miss Tio To's Joy, Female, 23, CFA:0381-114838
Cat4985Mitzie Fenscat, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000645
Cat4986Mithlond Nimea Tia, Female, 23, 27-Jul-1980, GCSA:3000
Cat4987Mix, Male, 23, SVERAK:10188
Cat5032Mow-See Suley Of Orchard Hill, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002024
Cat5040M. Phoebe, Female, 23a, 06-Oct-1979
Cat5041Ch. Mr. Levi Denim Blues Of Dimends, Male, 23c, 05-Apr-1988, CFA:0384-470974 V0489
Cat5042Mr. Merlin Of Mandu, Male, 23, CFA:0381-123416 V0783
Cat5043Mrs Mew, Female, 23
Cat5044Mr Sundance Of Alazhar, Male, 23c, CFA:0384-002157
Cat5045M.s.m. Funny Brown Cat, Male, 23, CFA:0380-004063
Cat5046Muchachita De Oro, Female, 23, CFA:0381-122791
Cat5062Muzzeltoff, Female, 23, CFA:0381-008512
Cat5093Mysouf, Female, ?
Cat5096Nainissyba Ashshhebar, Female, 23, 20-Sep-1983
Cat5126Nandoo Penelope, Female, 23, 03-Jun-1977
Cat5149Natasha, Female, 23, 10-May-1973, CFA:0381-004327
Cat5155Nedjmet Of Pat-An, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002726
Cat5159Nefru Abi Kfir Of Saika Shams, Male, 23, 03-May-1975, CFA:0380-003847
Cat5160Nefertitis Blue Nile Of Equus, Female, 23c, 06-Nov-1987, CFA:0385-438511
Cat5168Nekosan Gabriella, Female, 23a, SVERAK:39920
Cat5221Nesvold Bel-Amara Of Kilaran, Female, 23, CFA:1381-0092
Cat5222N'Est-Ce Pas Of Ming-Mu, Female, 23, 20-Jan-1960, CFA:0381-000145
Cat5229Nezenet Mikis, Male, 23a, SVERAK:19575
Cat5230Niannia Braidwood Bell, Female, 23a, 18-Nov-1984, RASCC:91625
Cat5268Nikaed Tarquin, Male, 24a, 01-Jun-1972, GCCF:236617
Cat5388Nintu Nepenthys, Female, 23a, 10-Dec-1976, RASCC:51293
Cat5394Noble Louis, Male, 23a, 30-Mar-1978
Cat5395Nobella Mirabai, Female, 23, 28-Dec-1987, RASCC:104095
Cat5399Nonasred Chiki, Female, 23a, 27-Dec-1943, GCCF:40101
Cat5411Northwoods Tatty, Female, 23, 10-May-1929, GCCF:15794
Cat5418Ch. N. Tweed Khalif, Male, 23, 20-Jun-1980
Cat5424Zorba Av Nybynas, Female, 23, 03-Apr-1969, SVERAK:LFD 8444
Cat5433Ocka Mas Jade, Female, 23, 14-Apr-1980, RASCC:69644
Cat5436Oealine, Female, 23
Cat5438Olga Van Oidipus, Female, 23a, 04-Feb-1972
Cat5454Oliver, Male, 23, 21-Jan-1982
Cat5513Orion Atlas, Male, 23, 22-Mar-1971, GCCF:214882
Cat5525Ouizero Taitoo, Male, 23, 13-Sep-1909, NCC:7093
Cat5526Overland Coors Of Natchez, Female, 23a, 04-Jan-1976, CFA:0383-003126
Cat5531Oysterfleet Architect, Male, 23, 01-Sep-1978
Cat5532Ozba Cheeko, Female, 23, 02-Oct-1976, RASCC:53083
Cat5533Padawhiska, Female, 23c, GCCF:SRNS 24805
Cat5597Parkview Tawny Tyke, Female, 23, 21-May-1978, VIC:FCC 23/2607
Cat5599Pasha Addis Ababa Of Jamata, Female, 23a, 05-Jan-1979, CFA:0383-070079
Cat5604Pasht Nefertiti, Female, 23, 31-Dec-1984, VIC:GCA 725
Cat5619Patti, Female, 23, 03-May-1956, GCCF:86498
Cat5629Penelope, Female, 23, 18-Jul-1977, GCCF:NS 68453
Cat5630Pepper, ?, 23-Oct-1907
Cat5632Persephone, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 68450
Cat5633Petavius, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 79686
Cat5635Petite Fleur, Female, 23, 04-Jun-1974, GCCF:
Cat5636Ramona Le Petit Chat, Female, 23, 19-Jan-1973, NKS:NKS K 18.314
Cat5672Pharoh Of Badfinger, Male, 23a, 10-Jan-1975, CFA:0382-002293
Cat5676Pharaoh, Male, 23, 01-Dec-1930, GCCF:19263
Cat5686Pheron, Male, ?, CFA:17-FR-0632
Cat5743Ch. Pipbun, Female, 23, 01-Feb-1930, GCCF:18322
Cat5745Pippin, Female, 23
Cat5756Pleasant Hill Tut Of Usaf, Male, 23, 09-Mar-1965, CFA:0380-000699
Cat5774Practical Guinevere, Female, 23a
Cat5776P. Ramses, Male, 23, 13-Apr-1982
Cat5780Precious Mee Tiye, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 166927
Cat5781Princess Addis Abbaba Of Ethiopia, Female, 23, CFA:0381-001216
Cat5783Primo Amigo, Male, ?
Cat5785Princess Barna, Female, 23, 24-Aug-1938
Cat5796Primrose Red Poppy, Female, 23a, ACFA:AO4-F73-3269
Cat5800Princess Shakira Of Sassiekat, Female, ?
Cat5801Princess Wodette, Female, 23, 18-Apr-1936, GCCF:26954
Cat5804Prumbics Atalanta, Female, ?
Cat5805P. Thoetmosis, Male, 23, 13-Apr-1982
Cat5816Puma Of Orchard Hill, Male, 23
Cat5817Punchdrunk Kane, Male, 23, 17-Aug-1981
Cat5825Purr-Ever Nerissa Of Mai-Tel-A, Female, 23
Cat5851Puzzle, Male, ?
Cat5854Pyewacket, Female, 23a, 07-Sep-1977, GCCF:NS 69362
Cat5858Queen Of Sheba, Female, 23, 02-Sep-1914
Cat5859Queen Sheba Of Sirkarah, Female, 23, 24-Jul-1975, CFA:0381-005227
Cat5879Quicksilver, Female, ?, 03-Sep-1907
Cat5906Quodlibet Aton, Male, 23a, 07-Aug-1974
Cat5945Rameses, Male, 23, NZCF:658A
Cat5948Ch. Ramesis Mightymouser, Male, 23, 09-Oct-1981
Cat5960Ranalara Of Threshold, Female, 23, 23-Feb-1975, CFA:0381-005531
Cat5962Raphael Cedar, Male, ?, 13-Sep-1983, NZCF:F15708-2
Cat5969Ra-Tem Sabrina Of Mafeking, Female, 23, CCA:9017-0676
Cat5973Rasdashen Artemis, Male, 23, 26-Mar-1977, GCCF:NS 60652
Cat5974Ras Aylu, Male, 23, 01-May-1936, GCCF:27387
Cat5975Ch. Ras Ben Gaul, Male, 23, 26-Apr-1979, GCCF:
Cat5977Rasco, Male, 23, 26-Dec-1975, CFA:0380-004265
Cat5979IC Assunta Von Ras-Daschan, Female, 23, 07-Dec-1960, DEZV:DEZV A.153
Cat5980Ras Djibute, Male, 23, 29-Apr-1916, GCCF:SB 0545
Cat5982Ras Hailu, Male, 23, 25-Apr-1937, GCCF:29261
Cat5984Ras Imru, Male, 23, 28-Oct-1936, GCCF:28133
Cat5985Ras Isis, Male, 23, 29-Apr-1926, GCCF:12077
Cat5996Ras Of Tigre, Male, 23, CFA:18-FR-0634
Cat5997Ras Ora, Male, 23, 28-Sep-1919
Cat6000Ch. Ras Seyum, Male, 23, 21-Sep-1935, GCCF:26485
Cat6003Ras Tafari, Male, 23, 17-Jul-1924
Cat6038Red Barn's P. Chez Of Puklat, Female, 23a, 19-Dec-1979, CFA:0383-003547
Cat6042Red Intrusion Of Darken, Female, 23a, CFA:0383-003530
Cat6045Red Rex Of Mahrs, Male, 23a, CFA:0382-002698
Cat6047Renara, Female, 23, 17-Aug-1948, GCCF:48083
Cat6096Rififi Camillo, Male, 23, SVERAK:17775
Cat6097Rifan Sabishi, Female, 23, 06-Jan-1959, GCCF:114059
Cat6121Gold Dbl.GC Riokay Gold Nugget, Male, 23, 15-Sep-1989
Cat6122Ritmico Whiskey Ambassaitu, Male, 23a, 07-Sep-1974
Cat6133Ch. Robin Af Sriwijaya, Male, 23a, 23-Apr-1975, LFD:LFD 16231
Cat6134Robkuan Stargazer Of Gersue, Female, 23c, 04-Apr-1982, CFA:0385-111635
Cat6143Rocksham, Female, 23
Cat6153Rodway Pheroshah, Male, 23, 19-Oct-1979
Cat6159Rojul Choephori, Female, 23a
Cat6178Rosie Of Blue Iris, Female, 23a, CFA:0383-003013
Cat6181Rough And Ready Bubblegumbrat Of Equus, Male, 23e, 19-Oct-1993, CFA:0386-895691
Cat6191R.riding Hood Of Catamount, Female, 23, 01-Jun-1974, CFA:0381-004780
Cat6195Rubaiyat Gayaneh, Female, 23a
Cat6204GC Ruddy Raider Of Wil-O-Glen, Male, 23, 26-Dec-1975, CFA:0380-003972
Cat6207Ruddy Rufus Of Nehasset, Male, 23, 18-Aug-1955, CFA:0380-000048
Cat6212Rufus The Red Of Selene, Male, 23a, 01-Apr-1955, CFA:84-SB-445
Cat6213Rufus Of Pat-An, Male, 23
Cat6216Ch. Rumsam, Male, 23, 01-Jun-1971, GCCF:221529
Cat6218Rusty Iris Sha-Lou, Female, 23, CFA:0381-001183
Cat6219Rusty Rhan De Beaver, Male, 23, 14-Jul-1951, CFA:57-SB-106
Cat6232Sabel, Female, 23, 01-Feb-1930
Cat6236Sabean Lady Chatterly, Female, 23, 14-Sep-1976, CFA:0381-005021
Cat6243Safari, Female, 23, 01-Mar-1930, GCCF:17691
Cat6246Sagebrush Desert Song, Female, 23, CFA:0381-004845
Cat6247Sahadi Star Bright, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002745
Cat6253Saka, Male, 23, 21-Jun-1923
Cat6262Salt, Female, ?, 23-Oct-1907
Cat6266Samhradh, Female, 23, 11-Apr-1978, GCCF:NS 71970
Cat6268Samira Misty Heather, Female, 23, 25-Jan-1975, CFA:0381-002986
Cat6312Sandow Stella, Female, 23, 03-Jun-1930, GCCF:18429
Cat6349Sartara Of Jaanus, Female, 23c, CFA:0385-002347
Cat6366Satie Of Syrynx, Female, 23, 17-Jun-1980, CFA:0381-009205
Cat6463Sekhmet Mischa Of Chattan, Male, 23, 02-Apr-1960, CFA:0380-000184
Cat6518Senlar Phenix, Male, 23, 24-Dec-1967, RASCC:17828
Cat6535Shanghai Doll Of Talasmar, Female, 23, 07-Jun-1954, CFA:76-FR-846
Cat6538Shaitan, Male, 23, 01-Jun-1971, GCCF:221530
Cat6541Shaha Mar Of Arcadia, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000876
Cat6582Sheelin Binkers, Female, 23, 14-May-1984, GCCF:
Cat6587Sheba Delilah, Female, 23, VIC:FCC 646V77
Cat6592Sheel-Lo, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002214
Cat6603Sherwood Lynx, Female, 23, 04-Jan-1947, GCCF:41143
Cat6614Sherada Sunburnt Lantini, Female, ?, SACR:34553
Cat6630Sho-Wi Yasmin Of Peck, Female, 23
Cat6668Siara Cilix, Female, 23, 26-Jul-1983
Cat6669Siang Kiang Katinka, Female, 23
Cat6670Siaon Sphinx, Female, 23
Cat6671Sia-Mews Tanya, Female, 23
Cat6677Sidi Bel, Male, 23, 27-Oct-1937, GCCF:29493
Cat6679Sienna Adagio Of Du-Ro-Al, Female, 23, 25-Sep-1958, CFA:0381-000021
Cat6703Silver Fairy, Female, ?, 02-Mar-1908, NCC:6806
Cat6706Silver Ideal, Female, ?
Cat6720Simba M'Zuri Chui, Male, 23a
Cat6729Sir Ben, Male, 23, 28-Oct-1976, VIC:GCA 87
Cat6734EC Sir Keith Mon Ami Le Chat, Male, 23a, 08-Mar-1984
Cat6739Ch. Sir Thomas Of Abu Simbel, Male, 23, 28-May-1970, CFA:0380-002112
Cat6745Skonvinks Akilles, Male, 23, SVERAK:23836
Cat6755Slindon Bedda, Female, 23a, 07-Dec-1963, RASCC:10728
Cat6764Smyloden Percivet, Female, 23, ACFA:AOR-S74-1851
Cat6803Sofie Atbara, Female, 23a, 23-Nov-1974
Cat6807Somersox Baba Ganoush, Female, 23, 23-Mar-1985
Cat6808Somalkin Perinne, Female, 23, VIC:FCC V5577
Cat6816Sonic Scarlet O'Banya, Female, 23, 31-Dec-1987
Cat6835Soury, Male, 23, GCCF:86639
Cat6853Sparks, Male, ?, GCCF:
Cat6865Lissaby Af Sriwijaya, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 130303
Cat6876Status Genisis, Female, 23, 05-Feb-1987, RASCC:100655
Cat6877Ch. Stanton Isma, Female, 23, 29-Aug-1942, GCCF:33400
Cat6880Star Of Pallady, Female, 23, 09-Sep-1960, CFA:0381-000176
Cat6892Steely Dan Of Acrobat, Male, 23c, 27-Dec-1981, CFA:0384-121519
Cat6893Stonycroft Stopover, Male, 23, 19-Aug-1987
Cat6903Suafelice Katinka, Female, 23, 29-Sep-1976, VIC:FCC 860V76
Cat6908Suaken Tamun Kyema, Male, 23a, VIC:1875
Cat6912Sugar Baby Of Nite Wind, Female, 23, CFA:0381-005744
Cat7016Super Gem Of Athenia, Male, 23, CFA:0380-004099
Cat7032Ch. Syene Zahab, Male, 23, 25-Mar-1973, CFA:0380-003198
Cat7034Ch. Symy, Female, 23, 01-Jul-1924
Cat7147Taiga Toreador, Male, 23, 03-Apr-1975, WA:1698w75
Cat7148Tai-Tou Of Koshan, Female, 23, CFA:0381-004525
Cat7152Taliesin Abbana, Male, 23, 05-Dec-1979, RASCC:R1540
Cat7164Tamora Of Sekhmet, Female, 23, 11-Oct-1958, CFA:0381-000096
Cat7166Tana, Female, 23, 14-Oct-1955, GCCF:78174
Cat7176Ta-Nepher Of Kabar, Male, 23, 04-Sep-1953, CFA:89-SB-950
Cat7194Tanya Of Don-Al, Female, 23a, CCA:12501
Cat7195Tanya Of Sheramain, Female, 23, CFA:0381-003160
Cat7197Ch. Taralynd, Female, 23, 12-May-1970
Cat7199Tarzi Of Drumblair, Male, 23, 24-Mar-1932, GCCF:21786
Cat7200Tarras Sabina, Female, 23, SVERAK:21471
Cat7202Tarry Tom, Male, 23, 08-Jul-1966, CFA:0380-001027
Cat7204Taser, Female, ?
Cat7262Tawny Abigail, Female, 23, 30-Mar-1978
Cat7273Tej, Male, 23, 26-May-1932, GCCF:24437
Cat7274Tekla, Male, 23
Cat7275Tembo-Ra Of Tai-Pan, Male, 23, CCA:11254-1292
Cat7289Tensy Of Sanjack, Male, 23, 12-Feb-1974, CFA:0380-003279
Cat7290Tethys, Male, 23, 23-Aug-1979
Cat7301Thani Aldebaran Of Hi-Kat, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000675
Cat7313The Flapper, Female, 23, 18-Sep-1916
Cat7315The Kid, Male, 23, CFA:0380-004446
Cat7317The Pasha Of El Pequena, Male, 23
Cat7353Thuvia Of Helium, Female, 23a, 18-Jul-1972, CFA:0383-002938
Cat7383Tigai Blue Skye Of Pandorasbox, Female, 23c, 13-May-1986, CFA:0385-332904
Cat7394Tillietudlem Daniel, Male, 23as, 10-Jun-1987
Cat7395Tim The Harvester, Male, 23, 03-Apr-1930, GCCF:17822
Cat7396Timothy Tiger, Male, ?
Cat7404Titian Sparkle, Female, 23a, 07-Jul-1973, GCCF:257565
Cat7405Tobruk Of Sun Dance, Male, 23, 07-Jul-1973, CFA:0380-001408
Cat7414Tooloo Annju, Female, 23, 18-Sep-1958, CFA:0381-000192
Cat7421Tootsie, Female, 23, 01-Apr-1927, GCCF:15792
Cat7467Tremance Honeybee, Female, 23a, 29-Apr-1969
Cat7491Trixolomina, Female, 23, 27-Aug-1980
Cat7519Tse Keow Tickey Tavey, Female, 23
Cat7520Tuk-Korin Of Avenue, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002978
Cat7533Tweeny-Weeny Emerald, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000324
Cat7541Cornalijne Van Tybaertshof, Female, 23, 04-May-1974, NKS:NKS K 18.600
Cat7549Tygr-Lilly Of Hi-Camp, Female, 23, CFA:0381-002075
Cat7561Unregistered Blue Tabby, Male, ?
Cat7562Unregistered Half Aby, Female, ?
Cat7563Unreg. Imported S. African Wild Cat, Female, ?
Cat7564IC Upstone Queary, Female, 23, 27-Dec-1971, NKS:NKS K 18.105
Cat7632Vandelinus, Female, 23, 23-Aug-1979
Cat7678Vibgyor Moreta Of Khartoum, Female, 23a, 15-Jun-1984, CFA:0383-228788
Cat7689Vison, Male, 23
Cat7692Ch. Vivat Regina, Female, 23, 07-Sep-1977, GCCF:NS 69360
Cat7693Vodu Kalenda Of Bograe, Female, 23, 24-Mar-1956, CFA:91-SB-544
Cat7698Wady, Male, 23, 19-May-1934, GCCF:24392
Cat7699Wagphur Cleopatra, Female, 23, GCCF:40550
Cat7704Wakana Of Nehasset, Female, 23, 16-Apr-1955, CFA:0381-000069
Cat7722Warlock Scamp Of Sky Dragon, Female, 23, CFA:0381-3015
Cat7746Wendon Amber Poppae, Female, 23, 14-Mar-1976, RASCC:R1055
Cat7782Wiborgs Agaton, Male, 23, SVERAK:27578
Cat7805Wild Honey Of Tru-Lu, Male, 23, 15-Jan-1972, CFA:0380-003410
Cat7833Will-Eth Tammie Of Nehasset, Female, 23, 16-Apr-1959, CFA:0381-000072
Cat7846Winter Jasmine, Female, 23, GCCF:40698
Cat7965Woorinyin Yelgidyi, Male, 23, 25-Sep-1979, TAS:T1706
Cat7968Wun Too, Female, 23, 23-Jun-1964, GCCF:128981
Cat7974Wygari Kylie, Female, 23, 11-Sep-1976, RASCC:48818
Cat7977Xyomara'Z Djeddah, Male, 23, 31-May-1973, NKS:K 51.340
Cat7992Yaeda Tangerine Ijumaa, Male, 23a, 03-Jan-1969, SVERAK:12529
Cat7993Yakhu, Male, 23, 22-Sep-1978
Cat8041Yasu, Female, 23, 24-Jul-1924
Cat8049Yelisha Bonita, Female, ?, NZCF:42354
Cat8051Yodrak Zaria, Female, 23, RASCC:33162
Cat8052Yoton Ali, Male, ?, 16-Oct-1971, NZCF:6831C
Cat8053Yum Pumpkin Pie, Female, 23, 28-Mar-1985, CFA:361-265255
Cat8054Yum Yum, Female, 23, GCCF:EX 64858
Cat8055Zabo Pam, Female, 23
Cat8090Bozac Of Zarah, Male, 23
Cat8092Zara El Khala, 23, 07-Sep-1920
Cat8097Zee Grenadier, Male, 23, 21-Mar-1953, GCCF:68555
Cat8099Zeila Of Drumblair, Female, 23, 29-Apr-1926, GCCF:12033
Cat8100Zelda Of Nile, Female, 23, 27-Mar-1961, CFA:0381-000355
Cat8102Zenobia Tiyi, Female, 23, 22-Apr-1970
Cat8106Zia Meng Fang, Female, 23
Cat8107Zimba Of Monarch, Male, 23, 17-Apr-1977, CFA:0380-003975
Cat8108Zina Of Arcadia, Female, 23, CFA:0381-000335
Cat8109Zing Bingi, Male, 23, 09-Mar-1960, CFA:0380-000130
Cat8110Zinian Of Min Tiys, Male, 23, CFA:0380-098264
Cat8196Hemulens Abbelina, Female, 23a, 21-Jan-1993
Cat8221Lady Fayre, Female, 24b, GCCF:174290
Cat8266Adonesh Zeus, 23, 16-Sep-1982
Cat8283Adhuish Fahima, Female, 23, 26-Jun-1990, GCCF:
Cat8289Adixish Tirechan Apollo, 23a
Cat8293Adhuish Jasper, 23
Cat8297Adhuish Saki, Male, 23, 09-Mar-1990
Cat8298Adhuish Maia, 23a
Cat8319Adkrish Assam, Male, 23c
Cat8320Adkrish Tomahawk, Male, 23, 02-Jul-1989, GCCF:
Cat8335Adqwesh Silver Pharoah, Male, 23s
Cat8355Andromeda Athene, Female, 23, GCCF:NS 72418
Cat8410Adonesh Hot Chocolate, Female, 23b, 06-Jan-1983, GCCF:EXP 065096
Cat8414Aduesh Silver Sparkle, Female, 23as
Cat8427Turnagain Argenta Rose, 23as
Cat8447Addeish Yasmin, Female, 23, 19-Aug-1991
Cat8455Dawn Sky Anatol, ?
Cat8469Ubu Galehaut, Male, 23
Cat8487Shayshah Silver Cloud, 23s
Cat8496Elrond Halfelren, Male, 23, 18-Jul-1981
Cat8504Adonesh Denzil, Male, 23, 10-May-1983
Cat8505Adreesh Aristos, Male, 23, 07-Aug-1984
Cat8521Ellienad, Female, 23, 29-Sep-1981
Cat8522Nalce, Female, 23a
Cat8525Wendele Wowbabywow, Female, 23a, 14-Aug-1981, GCCF:
Cat8540Odysseus, Male, 23a, 11-Jun-1976
Cat8541Cerulean Boy, Male, 23c
Cat8542Elsida Blue, Male, 23c
Cat8543Dilly Daydream, Female, 23, 02-Feb-1981
Cat8556Hortensia El Sadi, Female, 23
Cat8558Lucy, Female, 23c
Cat8564Maralex Selene, Female, 23
Cat8569Saba, Female, 23
Cat8570Maraley Helios, Female, 23
Cat8596Abybas Autumnmist, Female, 23, 01-Oct-1982
Cat8597Adreesh Arabella, Female, 23, 07-Aug-1984
Cat8600Arabella, Female, 23, 07-Aug-1984
Cat8606Awusa, Female, 23, 16-Nov-1984
Cat8632Munasingha, Female, 23, 22-May-1978
Cat8651Padean Crystal, Female, 30
Cat8666Jacaranda, Female, 23
Cat8667Jecalyn, Female, 23
Cat8674Bandelinnus, Female, 23
Cat8675Telhys, Male, 23
Cat8729GC Kseaside B Momotaro, Male, 23, 28-Sep-1978, CFA:0380-005674
Cat8730GC Leokit Borg, Male, 23a, 01-Oct-1980, CFA:0382-057652
Cat8740GC Mr. Walnut, Male, 23, 07-Jul-1980, CFA:0380-060372
Cat8774Gemmy Of Cryptomeria, Female, 23
Cat8809IGC Ashramun De Quercy, Male, 23, 02-Aug-1992
Cat8813Nouchka Sienna Du Wabi Sibeli, Female, 23, :FFF 19246
Cat8817Ch. Sheila Del Marimar, Female, 23
Cat8818Vakbar Du Castel De Beauvallon, Male, 23
Cat8819Mercedes, Female, ?
Cat8820Cleo De Sfinks, Female, 23
Cat8821Nico, Male, ?
Cat8822Isaura Van De Ransbeek, Female, 23, 02-Mar-1990
Cat8851Caroline Van Het Land Van Kleef, Female, 23a, 28-Aug-1985, FELIKAT:FE.L85.AB.053.3
Cat8856Ch. Dolly Of Nazik, Female, 23e
Cat8861Gaicha D' Harakhti, Female, 23a
Cat8915Adouzsh Saucy Sybil, Female, 23
Cat8924Adouzsh Aristedes, Male, 23g, 27-Sep-1993, GCCF:
Cat8929Norofine Antaris, Female, 23
Cat8934Shala, Female, 23, 16-Nov-1984
Cat8938Templeton Tara, Female, 23, 03-Jun-1973, GCCF:257545
Cat8941Tsana Of Bath, Female, 23, 27-Jan-1908
Cat8942Ras Kamar, Male, ?
Cat8944Zaffra Tansy, Female, 23, 07-May-1972
Cat8949Chanukar, Male, 23a
Cat8950Gatorojo, Male, 23a, 12-Sep-1982
Cat8956Adonesh Catsuno, Female, 23a, 12-Sep-1982
Cat8985Seabreeze Silver Sappho, Female, 18
Cat8990Bezique, Female, ?
Cat8993Adinnsh Moonshine Calypso, Female, 23c, 22-Mar-1993, GCCF:
Cat8997Adinnsh Foxy Rambler, Female, 23
Cat8998Adinnsh Proud Puss, Male, 23
Cat9023GC Biwako, ?
Cat9032GC David Copperfield Of Le Roux, Male, 23a, CFA:
Cat9048GC Hocuspocus Harry Houdini, ?, 08-Feb-1977, CFA:
Cat9057GC Leoca Astra, Female, 23a, 19-May-1977, CFA:0383-003223
Cat9075GC Puscas El Badari, ?, 31-Dec-1967, CFA:0381-001246
Cat9082GC Red Rover, 23a
Cat9088GC Rusty Red Of Eriador, ?
Cat9090GC Seit Of D'Nel, ?
Cat9094GC Telika, ?
Cat9105Ch. Heidi Of Chota-Li, Female, 23, 25-Jan-1966, CFA:0381-000977 V99
Cat9140Ch. Adouzsh Zia, Female, 23a, 13-Aug-1994
Cat9172Adkrish Crackle, Female, ?
Cat9203Adhirsh Jamil Asmar, Male, 23, 13-Jun-1995, GCCF:
Cat9232Next Name, ?, GCCF:
Cat9237Adinnsh Meg Merrilies, Female, 23
Cat9289GC Adhirsh Mimosa, Female, 23, 04-Sep-1995, GCCF:CS 313982
Cat9306Adquash Portia, Female, 23, 07-Dec-1995
Cat9342Imogene Coca Of Swing, Female, 23, 27-Aug-1994, :MU.L94.ABY.038.1
Cat9407Ac-Raya, Female, 23a, 30-Oct-1995
Cat9578Ch. Angel Gabriel Of Irish I, Female, ?
Cat9611Camio Dijon, Female, ?
Cat9612Amberpurr Scarlet, Female, 23a, 01-Nov-1995, CFA:0363-1043649
Cat9630Ch. Singin Mr. Blue Jingles, Male, 23c, CFA:0384-776681
Cat9654Adsquash Clarissa, Female, 23, 02-Oct-1996, GCCF:CSSR 349610
Cat9789Adwelsh Devorgilla Dejavu, Female, 23, 04-Dec-1996, GCCF:CSSR 358051
Cat9813GC, NW Vassar Of Wil-O-Glen, DM, Female, 23, 18-Mar-1994, CFA:0381-927315
Cat9849Adqwesh Moonlight Pansy, Female, 23as
Cat9850Wendele Whipoorwhil, Female, 27g, GCCF:
Cat9868Ch. Adquash Onyx Firecracker, Female, 23, 23-Jul-1996, GCCF:CS 347159
Cat9883Adquash Koko Armna, Male, 23, 01-Apr-1996, GCCF:CSSR 342726
Cat9888Adwelsh Sherherazard, Female, 23, 01-Mar-1997
Cat9935Adquash Oneinamillion, Male, 23, 23-Jul-1996, GCCF:CS 353031
Cat9969Ch. Sashay Serena, Female, 23, CCA:81541-41476
Cat9971Ch. Felanis Amber Firedancer, Female, 23, CCA:58881-24788
Cat9974Ch. Pareal Papparazzi, Male, 23c, CCA:63133
Cat10003Adquash Nefertari, Female, ?
Cat10010Zharvargo Kio Kazam, Male, 23
Cat10080Adwelsh Autumn Prancer, Male, 23, 31-Aug-1997
Cat10096African Primrose, Female, 23a
Cat10101Mr Caesar Mondavi, Male, 23, CFA:
Cat10107Ch. Kobold Kougar-Ran Of Kid, Male, 23, 31-Aug-1981, CFA:0380-108555
Cat10108Mollie B. Of Mary-D, Female, 23
Cat10136Tom Thumb Of Quinabby, Male, 23, 04-Mar-1994, GCCF:CS 396575
Cat10145Aby Tor Ghostwind, Female, 23, 14-Nov-1994, CFA:0361-1022475 V0896
Cat10149Adwelsh Mystical Moment, Female, 23, 30-Aug-1997
Cat10172Elizabeth Mary Margaret Guywill, Female, 23, CCA:80347-36122
Cat10179Adentsh Kari Klio, Female, 23c, 15-Nov-1997, GCCF:CSSR 391831
Cat10190Adkrish Francisco, Male, 23a, 14-Jan-1989
Cat10191Adwelsh Kelfreya, Female, 23, 22-Mar-1997, GCCF:CS 362981
Cat10193Ch. Adwelsh Red Oktober, Female, 23, 25-Oct-1997, GCCF:CS 386041
Cat10221Adentsh Calluna, Female, 23a, 16-May-1998, GCCF:CSSR 402467
Cat10230Adquash Delaret Disraeli, Male, 23, 19-May-1996, GCCF:
Cat10260Adentsh Skywalker, Male, 23, 23-Aug-1998, GCCF:CSSR 414070
Cat10261Adentsh Pinegrove Peace, Male, 23, 23-Aug-1998, GCCF:CSSR 414071
Cat10262GC Adentsh Woolie, Male, 23c, 23-Aug-1998, GCCF:CSSR 414072
Cat10271Ch. Adentsh Artemesia, Male, 23, 15-Jul-1998, GCCF:CSSR 411846
Cat10288Advensh Ambergold, Female, 23, 08-Jan-1999, GCCF:CS 424251
Cat10310IC Ayesha Van Sherada, Female, 23, 31-Jan-1974, NKS:NKS 18.531
Cat10322Advensh Apollo, Male, 23, 08-Jan-1999, GCCF:CS 424250
Cat10324Adentsh Electra, Female, 23, 01-May-1998
Cat10344Rafiki, Female, 23a, 20-Oct-1978, GCCF:NS 86059
Cat10363Kaikoura Waitomo, Female, 23, 11-Jun-1974, GCCF:NS 11341
Cat10395Adwelsh Hetepheres Queen, Female, 23
Cat10396Adhirsh Nabatean Pettra, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 292775
Cat10437Advensh Johill Ariadne, Female, 23, 12-Jun-1999
Cat10500Ayram Fiona, Female, 23, NRR:5606
Cat10529Jomfru Anes Sunny Apollon, Male, 23as, NRR:K.995
Cat10534Zevs Von Terp, Male, 23as, NRR:6495
Cat10595Gold Dbl.GC Ozymandias Tybert, Male, 23c, 01-Apr-1995, RASCC:128961
Cat10636Atala, Male, 23, 17-Jun-1980, CFA:0380-000170
Cat10640Tuffetti Of Bon-Abi, Male, 23, 29-Sep-1957, GCCF:0380-000006 V90
Cat10641Toloo Annju, Female, 23, 18-Sep-1956, CFA:0381-000192 V90
Cat10648Rosa-Noma Zara, Male, 23, 07-Apr-1955
Cat10678Ch. Caesarian Of Leotie, Male, 23a, 20-May-1985, CFA:0382-266787
Cat10723Ch. Eric The Red Of Abby Valley, Male, 23a, CFA:0382-565300
Cat10763J'Suis Aimee Of Marzanjush, Female, 23, CFA:0361-434803
Cat10807Miss Aja Etoile Of Starcats, Female, 23, 21-Mar-1979, CFA:0381-008193
Cat10819Ch. Tangelo Of Helsbels, Female, 23a, CFA:0383-002362
Cat10905Abu Sir Pyramids, Male, 23, CFA:0380-007811
Cat10906Miss Vanity Sphinx, Female, 23
Cat10909Miss Liberty Abygayle Earhart, Female, 23
Cat10917Advensh Deeno Fabienepeche, Female, 23e, 30-May-1999
Cat10918Advensh Africats Tamara, Female, 23e, 26-Jun-1999
Cat10920Adquash Amaryllis, Female, ?
Cat11006Ch. Tawny Of Rivverrats, Female, 23, CFA:0381-292527
Cat11089Ch. Agatha Christy Of Buckskin, Female, 23, CFA:0381-167338
Cat11114IC Amrafel Imperia, Female, 23s, SVERAK:53831 K3
Cat11127Kleopatra, Female, 23, SVERAK:49481
Cat11164Cache Cachet, Female, 23, 13-Apr-1982, CFA:0381-157180
Cat11173Ad? The Boy, Male, 23
Cat11185Hms Kilkenny Ian Of Artanis, Female, 23, 23-Apr-1983, CFA:0381-175148
Cat11189Sylvia Of Valleyjoe, Female, 23, 17-Jul-1982, CFA:0381-138827
Cat11267Ch. Sarah Lawrence Of Zapzkatz, Female, ?, 31-Oct-1998, CFA:
Cat11346Ch. Lady Angela Of Abydos, Female, ?
Cat11449Admilsh Tigatoo, Male, 23, 15-Aug-2000
Cat11485Morganna Silver Moonmaiden, Female, 23s, 27-Mar-1983, GCCF:EX 65131
Cat11501Yashma Mischief, Female, 23a, 21-Mar-1971
Cat11506Adentsh Silver Angellica, Female, 23s, 15-Jul-1998, GCCF:CSSR 411848
Cat11508Adentsh Oregano, Male, 23, 15-Jul-1998, GCCF:CSSR 411847
Cat11526Admilsh Angelica Diacia, Female, 23, GCCF:CSSR 466165
Cat11549Adquash Iubar Aureum, Male, 23, 29-Mar-1996
Cat11551Ch. Admilsh Belinder, Female, 23e, 04-Jul-2000
Cat11584GP Advensh Psipsina Sapphire, Female, 23, 13-Mar-1999
Cat11618Adwelsh Cherie Ripe, Female, 23a, GCCF:
Cat11626Advensh Kikas Karlos, Male, 23, 18-Nov-1999, GCCF:CSSR 452157
Cat11627Adhirsh Jooby Joobs, Female, 23, 02-Jun-1995, GCCF:CS 323806
Cat11639IGC Jacass L'Bleu Of Aurifer, Male, 23c, 23-Nov-1988, FDLO:53512
Cat11733Adqwesh Xanadu Kate, Female, 23a, 23-Sep-1985, GCCF:CS 007187
Cat11735Adkrish Alpheus Clio, Female, 23, 23-Feb-1989, GCCF:CS 105950
Cat11736Adraysh Amara Madagascar, Female, 23, 03-Jan-1991, GCCF:CS 167882
Cat11737Addinsh Alpha Nosymitsio, Female, 23, 05-Dec-1992, GCCF:CS 227995
Cat11738Adkrish Zanzibar Boyo, Male, 23a, 23-Feb-1989, GCCF:CS 105951
Cat11739Adquash Sakatia, Male, 23, 22-Nov-1994, GCCF:CS 346622
Cat11758Spider, Male, ?
Cat11759Tinker, Female, ?
Cat12249Admewsh Blooming Blossom, Female, 23a, 14-Feb-2001, GCCF:CSSR 512199
Cat12310Adqwesh Indira, Female, 23bts, GCCF:CS REF 006784
Cat12357Bunty, Female, ?, unregistered:.
Cat12358Selesdune Buntibou, Female, 23, 15-Apr-1937
Cat12360Whistwood Menelik, Male, 23, 01-Jan-1972, GCCF:231137
Cat12362Pashtmoore Letifa, Female, 23, 26-Mar-1972
Cat12365Sittang Sylphide, Female, 27b, 13-Oct-1971
Cat12390Skin Of Van Grebst^, Female, 23
Cat12402Patchuli Of Van Mars El Khoulinca^, Female, 23, 20-Oct-1990, FELIKAT:FE.L90.AB.040.1
Cat12403Bouffy Of Van Mars El Khoulinca, Female, 23, 29-Dec-1982, FELIKAT:FE.L82.AB.056.4
Cat12404Tanith Of Van Mars El Khoulinca^, Female, 23, 01-Jan-1995, FELIKAT:FE.L95.AB.028.2
Cat12459IGC Voodoo Of Wonderlove, Male, 23a, 15-Jan-2001
Cat12505Ch. Admewsh Skala, Female, 23, 19-Jul-2002, GCCF:
Cat12507Admewsh Oshador, Male, 23a, 18-May-2002
Cat12543Grace Kelly Of Lone Star, Female, 23
Cat12586Sem Khun Thep, Male, 23, 08-Oct-1993, Mundikat:MU.L93.ABY.NL.026
Cat12588Teje Of Of The Willow Cats^, Female, 23, :
Cat12591Sharad Of Le Village^, Male, 23, TAC:TAC.281
Cat12593Banoes's Arisha Of Uit Oasyba^, Female, ?, RVT:RVT 72.568
Cat12606Ch. & GC Abbyhouse Oscar, Male, 23a, 28-Oct-2000, CFA:0362-1346690
Cat12630Roussalka Of Yarthyopia, Female, 23a, FELIKAT:L83.AB.070.1
Cat12631Horus Of Van Gaestmar^, Male, 23, 02-Oct-1985, FELIKAT:FE.L85.AB.001.1
Cat12635Evita Of Van Jonit's Grut, Female, 23
Cat12650EC Zar Of Rosa Glauca, Male, 23e, DEKZV:202839
Cat12659Fetene Of De Bilancia^, Female, ?
Cat12660Eric Of De Bilancia^, Male, 23
Cat12667Diva, Female, 23, 02-Aug-1988
Cat12669Woggs, Female, ?, 19-Sep-1905
Cat12670Chipsie, Male, ?, 04-Oct-1905
Cat12671Kitty Link, Female, ?
Cat12672Bee-Bo, Female, ?
Cat12703Khamila Of Of Dar-Ling^, Female, 23
Cat12731Washington T.c., Male, ?, 30-Dec-1899
Cat12757EC Kevin Of Von Delensdorf^, Male, 23, 24-Apr-1992, DEKZV:17890
Cat12768Edwina Of Van Merlijnesteijn, Female, 23
Cat12770Phara Of Van De Annawas^, Female, 23, RVT:75.367
Cat12771Serena Of Of The Fairy Garden^, Female, 23
Cat12778P Moetemwija, Female, 23
Cat12782Esperance Of Uut 'T Ieseldonk^, Female, ?
Cat12783Anouc's Bandir Of Van De Ravottersgaarde 2^, Male, 23c
Cat12784Aglaïsma Of Khoshal Heivan Gah^, Female, 23, RVT:94.904
Cat12785Chica Of Jewel Of Maine^, Female, 23, NRKV:98.0334
Cat12786El Matador Of Von Bajor^, Male, 23
Cat12791Adtresh Apollo Sundance, Male, 23, 07-Jul-2003, GCCF:CSSR558911
Cat12792Adtresh Helios Wildfire, Male, 23, 07-Jul-2003, GCCF:CSSR558912
Cat12793Adtresh Luna Intermezzo, Female, 23, 07-Jul-2003, GCCF:CSSR558913
Cat12794Adtresh Jupiter Cosmos, Male, 23, 07-Jul-2003, GCCF:CSSR558914
Cat12796Adtresh Bambalotti, Female, 23, 29-Jun-2003, GCCF:CS 560436
Cat12797Adtresh Aquila, Female, 23, 28-Apr-2003, GCCF:CS 558710
Cat12798Adtresh Kiwi, Female, 23, 28-Apr-2003, GCCF:CS 558709
Cat12799Adtresh Arcturus, Male, 23, 28-Apr-2003, GCCF:CS 558708
Cat12800Adtresh Mango, Male, 23, 28-Apr-2003, GCCF:CS 558707
Cat12815Mistake, Male, ?, 01-Oct-1988
Cat12846$12846, ?
Cat12856Ms Rose From The South Of Singin', Female, 23c, 11-Oct-1992, CFA:0385-828655
Cat12928Blue Jetta Of Van De Oldehove^, Female, 23c, 03-Oct-1985, FELIKAT:FE.L85.AB.019.3
Cat12930Balou Of Uit 'T Spettersnest^, Female, ?
Cat12946Frou-Frou Of Van De Abbai^, Female, 23
Cat12947Cassiope Darling Of D'Abygail^, Female, 23, :
Cat12948Xanadu Of Van De Abbai^, Female, 23, FELIKAT:FE.L97.AB.
Cat12949Shabu Of Van Meri-Wen^, Male, 23
Cat12950Pr. Aucuparia-Loo Of Von Reich^, Male, 23, 26-Apr-1998, SVERAK:LO 153119
Cat12986Terry, Female, 23a, 01-Mar-1987
Cat12992Leto, Male, ?, 05-Aug-2001
Cat13018EC Dorian Of Rosa Glauca, Male, 23a, DEKZV:209883
Cat13020EC Sissi Of Rosa Glauca, DM, Female, 23e, DEKZV:193265
Cat13021EC Dolfus Of Nazik, Male, 23e, DEKZV:180381
Cat13022EC Alex's Blue Dorothea, DM, Female, 23c, DEKZV:182545
Cat13027Tuk Cinbar, Female, 23
Cat13028Warwick Of Of Kenhurst^, Male, 23
Cat13041Vahine Choc Of Des Vieilles Couvées^, Female, 23s
Cat13042Emeline Of Des Vieilles Couvées^, Female, 23s, 11-Apr-1989, LOH:RIEX 10908
Cat13046Adelante Of Van De Achilleshof^, Female, 23a, FELIKAT:FE.L84.AB.050.2
Cat13050V-Hazel, Female, 23, FELIKAT:FE.L88.AB.008.1
Cat13052X Lara, Female, 23a, 06-Feb-1990, FELIKAT:FE.L90.AB.018.2
Cat13074Balder Of Van Yarthyopia, Male, 23, 25-Mar-1980, FELIKAT:FE.L80.AB.015.1
Cat13075Borana Of Van Klein Holtum, Female, 23, 28-Nov-1980, FELIKAT:FE.L80.AB.061.5
Cat13076Flicka Of Van Yarthyopia, Female, 23, FELIKAT:FE.L83.AB..012.1
Cat13081Laila Of Van Yarthyopia, Female, 23a, 08-Jun-1982, FELIKAT:FE.L82.AB.034.3
Cat13082Sorrel Silver Of Absom Grenadine, Female, 23as, 02-May-1995, LOS:91-1028
Cat13083Princes Diva Of Di Lombardi, Female, 23, 17-Jul-2001, BELGICAT:14286
Cat13084Carry Of Flora D'Amabilis, Male, 23, LOB:18.105
Cat13085Yentl Of Di Lombardi, Female, 23, BELGICAT:8245
Cat13087Esmeralda Of Van Cheops^, Female, 23, TAC:69
Cat13088Sorrel Hydromel Of Du Jaspe-Marwin, Male, 23a, LOS:92-9335
Cat13129Ikaros Of Av Concylie^, Male, 23
Cat13133Sorrel Farceur Of Du Jaspe-Marwin, Male, 63*
Cat13134Blue Silver Friponne Of Du Jaspe-Marwin, Female, 23cs
Cat13137A-Kari, Female, 23, FELIKAT:L95.AB.MU.03
Cat13159Amose Of Van Tybaertshof^, Male, 23, Mundikat:MU.L85,AB.049.1
Cat13163Byou, Female, ?, 23-Feb-1980
Cat13166Peter Of Van Grebst^, Male, 23, FDLO:95265
Cat13185Riverfern Gandalf, Male, 23, 21-Jun-2002, GCCF:CS 536261
Cat13186Johari Lisimba, Male, ?
Cat13187Firedancer, Male, ?, 30-Dec-1899
Cat13190Aida, Female, 23a, 20-Aug-1985
Cat13219Adtresh Kalista, Female, 23, 16-Mar-2003, GCCF:
Cat13226Bo, Male, ?
Cat13255Ch. Nala Von Quiomme, Female, ?, 17-Dec-1999
Cat13256EC Isabeau Of Rosa Glauca, Female, 23c
Cat13292Ch. Querida Of Texas Stars, Female, 23s, 19-Dec-2001, DEKZV:LO 282662
Cat13309Beauvoire By Request, Female, 23, 06-Jun-1978, CFA:0381-007765
Cat13313Patracleo Of Of Purr-Ever^, Female, 23, 27-Jun-1979, CFA:0381-009028
Cat13374EC Klivius Of Rosa Glauca, Male, 23
Cat13375Belana Bastet Of Von Bajor^, Female, ?
Cat13379Casmira's Inez Of Van De Maandereng^, Female, ?
Cat13380EC Beau De Wildkamp, Male, 23c
Cat13382Ch. Surgeon's Vernice, Female, ?
Cat13383Ch. Surgeon's Amadou, Female, ?
Cat13386Surgeon's Escada, Female, ?
Cat13408Quioma Of De Sauveterres^, Male, 23
Cat13409Viva Sakkara Of De Sauveterres^, Female, 23a, 18-Feb-1992
Cat13461$13461, ?
Cat13462Danu Kolibris, Female, 23a, 26-Sep-2003
Cat13463GC Armancar Valentia D'Amour, Female, 23a, LFD:97/190 V
Cat13467Hot-Line's Venice Beach, Female, 23, 08-Dec-1995, FDLO:82337
Cat13468EC Vallue's Ofelia, Female, 23, FDLO:96422
Cat13477EGC Tizian Of Van Manderley, Male, 23a, 09-Nov-1986, KVT:007376
Cat13482Tushka Of Van Asmara^, Female, 23, 02-Apr-1969, NKS:K.9943
Cat13483Nadine Of Van Sakalina, Female, 23, 19-May-2000, SNVK:00-08-023K
Cat13484Bella Donna Of Van Sol Y Luna^, Female, 23, 02-Mar-2003, NRVK:2003-0096
Cat13485Finarfin Of Van Edana^, Male, 23
Cat13489Jacobine Of Af Fredenslund^, Female, 23, 17-Feb-1983, FDLO:33529
Cat13490Ophelia Of Af Fredenslund^, Female, 23a, 13-Mar-1984
Cat13492Viva Scarlett Of Du Morne Brabant^, Female, 23a, 04-May-1984, LOF:35112
Cat13497Cucaracha Of Du Morne Brabant^, Female, 23a
Cat13498Amanda Of Af Fredenslund^, Female, 23
Cat13499Sisse Of Af Fredenslund^, Female, 23, FDLO:38228
Cat13500Utopia Of Du Morne Brabant^, Female, 23
Cat13501Chaou Of De Bubastis^, Male, 23, 09-Oct-1987
Cat13517Advensh Merixell, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 429633
Cat13527Shubast Fred Astaire, Male, 23a
Cat13533Test Mating, ?, :
Cat13542Tazena Of Of Wijiji^, Male, 23, 13-May-1949, CFA:42-FR-402-A
Cat13557EC $13557 Of Van Manderley, Male, 23a, 09-Nov-1986
Cat13624Abygayle, Female, 23, CFA:0381-005200
Cat13629Canth Of Of Kennickey Kats^, Male, 23, 25-Jun-1985, CFA:0380-304227
Cat13661Abraham 1 The Wise One, Male, 23, CFA:0380-008862
Cat13664Hyronimus Of De Chambertin^, Male, 23, 09-Mar-1979, FELIKAT:FE.L79.AB.055.2
Cat13665Nima Of Van Deir El Bahari^, Female, 23, 01-Aug-1979, FELIKAT:FE.L79.AB.005.3
Cat13668Pandi, Female, 23, CFA:0381-005055
Cat13669Q.t. Of Of Catknapp^, Female, 23
Cat13673Ishja Of Van Gaestmar^, Female, 23a, 09-Feb-1977, NKS:K53.277
Cat13674Prinses Nijntje Of Van Gaestmar^, Female, 23, 25-Aug-1980, FELIKAT:FE.L80.AB.045.1
Cat13702Jaspis, Female, 23, CFA:0381-003321
Cat13711Filippa, Female, 23
Cat13746Miss Desert Moon Of Of Rubigo^, Female, 23, CFA:0381-228539
Cat13765Dabru Of Of Sheramain^, Male, 23, 06-Jul-1957, CFA:58-SB-0035
Cat13780Lieta, 23, 07-Aug-1978, GCCF:
Cat13781Tobermory, 23, 23-Sep-1978, GCCF:
Cat13789Queen Shubard, Female, 23
Cat13790Omarla Rai Of Of Nelarie^, Female, 23, 17-Aug-1965, CFA:0381-005031
Cat13807Y-Fela, Male, 23, Mundikat:MU.L91.ABY.033.4
Cat13849IC Blossom Chester, Male, 23c, FDLO:103198
Cat13855Maccheshire, 23s, GCCF:
Cat13865GC Uffizi Dotcom/ Dw, Male, 23, 27-Jan-2000, CFA:0360-1299355
Cat13897X-Achnaton, Male, 23, 16-Nov-1991, FELIKAT:FE.L91.AB.038.1
Cat13906Ch. Glendoveer La Luna-Ticked, Male, 23, 03-Feb-2000, CFA:0380-1298472
Cat13907Anesla's Piccalilly, Female, 23, 21-Jan-1989, SACR:SA65932
Cat13908Supreme Ch. Kerrsten Shawaro, Male, 23, :
Cat13909Supreme Ch. Catsmuts Pandora, Female, 23, :
Cat13913GC Red Balloon, 23a, CFA:0362-1287075
Cat13962Abbai Lou, Female, 23, GCCF:
Cat13992Fluff De Fleur, Female, 23a, 16-Sep-1986, CFA:0383-293816
Cat14242Lottie Lucky, Female, 23, CFA:0361-430188
Cat14338Don'T Forget Bibi Baby, Female, 23, LOF:42905
Cat14436Storm Of Malmar, Female, 23, CFA:0381-003374
Cat14442Miss Cinnamon Delilah, Female, 23, CFA:0381-314802
Cat14539, ?, :
Cat14767Arven, Female, 23, 17-Jul-2005, :
Cat14943Z-Lola, Female, 23a, 29-Sep-1992, FELIKAT:FE.L92.AB.038.1
Cat15273Wadi, Male, ?, 19-May-1934, :
Cat15335Practical Salome, Female, 23, 15-Apr-1962, GCCF:
Cat15339Pekoe Ras, Male, 23, GCCF:
Cat15343Happy Houri, Female, 23, 04-Jun-1966, GCCF:
Cat15354Sirspar, Female, 23, 12-May-1970, GCCF:
Cat15383Butch, Male, 23, 06-Oct-1970, GCCF:
Cat15391Cimbar Sicasanta, Male, 23, 27-Aug-1977, GCCF:
Cat15393Fireopal Fantasy, Female, 23a, 02-Jul-1977, GCCF:
Cat15399Aduesh Talatah, 23, 29-Jul-1984, GCCF:
Cat15428Adixish Fireopal, Female, 23, 18-Apr-1988, GCCF:CS 064035
Cat15722Ekivok O'Be One, Male, 23, :
Cat15804Sophidaro´s Donna Carmo Jeronimo Of Douc, Female, 23c, :VKS 9466-97K
Cat15862Isis, Female, ?, :
Cat15863Fritz, Male, ?, :
Cat15864Nansi, Female, 23a, 11-Apr-1999, :
Cat15976Sunnygirl V.d. Ottenburg, Female, 23, DEKZV:(D) DEKZV 234953
Cat15979Devel V. Walddorf, Male, 23, DEKZV:(D) DEKZV 256425
Cat15980Desdemona Von Walddorf, Female, 23a, DEKZV:(D) DEKZV 256426
Cat15981Goliath V.d. Marienhoehe, Male, 23, DEKZV:(D) DEKZV 234954
Cat16049Adfursh Princessisis, Female, 23a, 25-Jul-2004, GCCF:CSSR598637
Cat16107Belle Cleome, Female, 23, 01-Jun-1975, CFA:0381-005375
Cat16227Good To Go, ?, :
Cat16247Ch. Dansarcats Koa Paka Of Abizaq, Male, 23a, 14-Apr-2000, CFA:0382-1315348
Cat16258GC, NW Instints Klein Bonaire, DM, Male, 23, 05-Jan-1997, CFA:0380-1117579
Cat16492Aaron-Cerry Lord, Male, 23, :
Cat16496, ?, :
Cat16498Adreesh Cartouche, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 005131
Cat16501S Tilske, Female, 23c, 01-Jun-1985, FELIKAT:FE.L85.AB.036.1
Cat16564Adatesh Dandy Jazzman, Male, 23, 09-Mar-2008, GCCF:CS 709344
Cat16565Adatesh Django Reinhardt, Male, 23, 09-Mar-2008, GCCF:CS 709345
Cat16566Adatesh Dizzy Gillespie, Male, 23, 09-Mar-2008, GCCF:CS 709347
Cat16567Adatesh Delta-Peach, Female, 23, 09-Mar-2008, GCCF:CS 709346
Cat16605Ch Madrigal Dougal, Male, 23a, GCCF:
Cat16608Betic Brazile, Female, 23t, 16-Sep-1986, GCCF:CS EX 020386
Cat16609Montaril Chocablock, Female, 23b, 20-Apr-1985, GCCF:CS EXP 002828
Cat16610Adquesh Firefox Phoenix, Male, 23a, 12-Aug-1986, GCCF:CSSR 020052
Cat16612Simkyn Danseuse, Female, 23b, 18-Dec-1986, GCCF:
Cat16624Ch. Zaida Bastet Von Aneise, Female, 23a, :
Cat16625IC Brizy's Damira V. Rasputin, Female, 23a, :
Cat16648Adatesh Honey, Female, 23, 30-Aug-2007, :
Cat16651Adhirsh Peridot, Female, 23, 01-Sep-1995, GCCF:
Cat16656Elbereth Cocochanel, Female, 23, 11-Feb-2007, GCCF:CSSR 678135
Cat16692Dbl.GC Tijah Trail Blazer, Male, ?, 06-Oct-2006, CFA:
Cat16710Advish Cinnamon, Male, 23, 27-Apr-2006, GCCF:CSSR 656116
Cat16721Nishalka Inisha, ?, GCCF:CSSR 521775
Cat16765Adatesh Lucy, Female, 23a, 30-Aug-2007, GCCF:CSSR 702479
Cat16766Chotu's Special Makalu, Female, 23, 22-Jun-2006, :
Cat16768Marsmellow's Noach, Male, 23, :
Cat16769Douce's Cameleonebonfire Van Sophidaro, Female, 23c, :
Cat16771Sawyer Rafe Van Sophidaro, Male, 23, :
Cat16772Kibutata's Silver Bear Af Fredenslund, Male, 23s, 25-Oct-2004, :FD LO 129931
Cat16773IGC Annera Fianchetto, Male, 23, 18-Oct-2005, GCCF:CS 640762
Cat16774Shadowlea Boomerang Of Lightdancers, Male, 23s, :FD LO 126471
Cat16775Gc. Zeor Silver Phantom, Male, 23s, :CCCT (T) 8557
Cat16776Sarvan Silver Zenobia, Female, 23s, :NSWCFA (N) 116752
Cat16778Gc.rodmaur Silver Tiara, Female, 23s, :FASA 5671
Cat16779Shadowlea Topaz, Female, 23, :GC 917
Cat16780Shadowlea Quicksilver, Male, 23as, :GC 986
Cat16781Silver Philine Af Fredenslund, Female, 23s, 08-Jan-1995, :FD LO 79041
Cat16782Fireyes North Star, Male, 23as, :
Cat16783Ic. Silver Kina Af Fredenslund, Female, 23s, :FD LO 87531
Cat16784Gic. Sorrel Silver Farida Af Fredenslund, Female, 23as, :FD LO 100180
Cat16785Ic. Sorrel Silver Tubby Af Fredenslund, Female, 23as, :FD LO 114159
Cat16824Ch. Abfababy Sienna Moondust, Female, 23a, 15-Sep-2007, GCCF:CSSR 697443
Cat16894Olathe Clariebear, Female, 23, 20-May-2008, GCCF:
Cat17017Miss Angel Stardust, Female, 23, :
Cat17033Catb, Female, ?, :
Cat17035Catc, Male, ?, :
Cat17046Isis, Goddess-Of-Anc. Egypt, Female, 23c, 27-Jul-1997, CFA:0385-1184463
Cat17057Riverfern Bump N Grind, Male, 23, :
Cat17114Nile Chilli Pepper, Male, 23, 12-Oct-2008, CFA:08N162632
Cat17115Biru Henery Pawson, Male, 23, 29-Aug-1988, :
Cat17129Byblos Poker Run Of Baton Rouge, ?, :
Cat17130GC, RW Byblos Jackstraw Shoals Of Baton Rouge, Male, ?, :
Cat17139Adraysh Antayla Tamara, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 177710
Cat17142Riverfern Fire In The Sky, Female, 23a, TICA:
Cat17151Reuse, ?, :
Cat17181Hassan Song, Female, 23, 19-Jan-1953, :
Cat17214Cher, Female, ?, :
Cat17215(none), Female, ?, :
Cat17221Flamstone Lotus Blossom, 23t, 23-Mar-2008, GCCF:
Cat17222Flamstone Lotus Blossum, Female, 23t, 23-Mar-2008, GCCF:
Cat17248SGC Riverfern Rosa Rugosa, Female, 23a, 12-Nov-2004, :
Cat17274Ch. Tijah Pure Rapture, Male, 23c, 14-Jan-2008, FCCV:(N)08N161370V08
Cat17284Rosie, Female, ?, :
Cat17320GC, RW Cabyss Rush In Blue, Male, 23c, CFA:
Cat17452Snuffy, Female, 23, 18-Nov-2009, GCCF:
Cat17453Dumbledore, Male, 23, 18-Nov-2009, GCCF:
Cat17458EC Roxy Of Av Concylie^, DM, Male, 23a, NRR:LO 113179
Cat17475Noodlea, Male, ?, :
Cat17476Bamberladya, Male, ?, :
Cat17507Ab, Male, ?, :
Cat17538RW, QGC Absolute Pepper Salsa Of Aradia, Female, 23, 08-Oct-2004, :
Cat17539Ch. Jorys Sokaris Van De Walvoorts, Male, 23a, :
Cat17552Tokay Azsu, Male, 23, 18-Oct-2002, :
Cat17575Ch. Alhambra, Female, 23a, 07-Dec-1989, SVERAK:091706
Cat17584SGC Caesar Of Hillstblues, Male, 23, 23-Mar-2000, CFA:
Cat17594Adouzsh Salome, Female, 23e, 23-Dec-1993, GCCF:
Cat17648Adouzsh Aceof Diamonds, Male, 23c, 24-Apr-1994, GCCF:CSSR 272876
Cat17649Adhuish Honeysuckle Rose, Female, 23, GCCF:CS 124485
Cat17664Sergeant Pepperpuss, Male, 23, 11-Apr-1978, GCCF:
Cat17678Swingle Samantha, Female, 23, 06-Aug-1970, GCCF:
Cat17684Myron Negus, Male, 23, 20-Sep-1970, GCCF:
Cat17692Egyptian Princess, Female, 23, 04-Jun-1974, GCCF:
Cat17693Negus, Male, 23, 15-Jun-1976, GCCF:
Cat17694Flying Flynn Flann, Male, 23, 28-Jun-1976, GCCF:
Cat17695Seamus Famous, Male, 23, 28-Jun-1976, GCCF:
Cat17704Firefly Tamandria-Charisma, Female, 23a, 02-Jul-1977, GCCF:
Cat17715Kam Bing, Female, ?, :
Cat17726Anteore, Female, 23, 05-Apr-1978, GCCF:
Cat17740Penridge Pennylynx, Female, 23, 07-May-1975, GCCF:
Cat17835Adecish Khuphera Aiyana, Female, 23a, 01-Jul-2010, GCCF:cs 779465
Cat17927Ch. Magicat Of Pentaclecats, Male, 23, 03-Mar-2008, CFA:0360-1522304
Cat17928Magic Moment Of Anygma, 23, 03-Mar-2008, CFA:0360-1638247
Cat17956Pr. & GIC Neo Gentle Happiness, Male, 23, 04-Jul-2007, :LOI 87738
Cat18068Silsila Serena, Female, 23, :
Cat18069Sisila Pinball Wizard, Male, 23e, :
Cat18070Silsila Pinball Wizard, Male, 23e, :
Cat18205Princess Ashara Of Hillstblues, Female, 23, 13-Apr-2003, CFA:0361-1451375
Cat18243Addeish Dandelion, Male, 23, 13-Jun-1992, GCCF:CS 207487
Cat18272Ms Pia, Female, 23, 02-Jun-2002, CFA:0361-1469464
Cat18273Helike, Male, 23, 13-Mar-2003, CFA:0360-1482023
Cat18275Ch. Ms Kitawnya Of Hillstblues, Female, 23, 02-Oct-1995, TICA:SBT 021095 020
Cat18670IC Princess Sookie, Female, 23, 26-Aug-2010, FELIKAT:(CZ) LO
Cat18674Chita/shadow Kitten, Female, ?, :
Cat18692Elektra Aus Absuir, Female, 63*, 14-Dec-2000, DEKZV:273925-
Cat18702Iltis Of Aus Abusir^, Male, 23, MU:MU.LO7.Aby019.1
Cat18713Sensay Whatever Lolawants, Female, 23, 16-May-2011, GCCF:
Cat18714Electric Dream Du Blue Bayou, Female, 23, 03-Jul-2009, :
Cat18715Des Entrechats Come Back, Male, 23, :
Cat18716IC Des Entrechats Veridiana, Female, 23a, :
Cat18717Des Entrechats Boogie Woogie, Male, 23, :
Cat18718Des Entrechats Back Elite, Female, 23, :
Cat18721Ch. Abychat Moonraker, Male, 23, 03-Dec-2012, GCCF:CSSR826423
Cat18732Mollykitten, ?, :
Cat18756Aysun Van Sartum, Female, 23s, 15-Jun-2008, :SPC-08-08-138
Cat18767Connemara's Make My Day, Male, 23a, 30-Mar-2011, :
Cat18816Abydreames Bumpcwen Mating, Female, ?, :
Cat18881Callileon, Male, 23, 29-Jan-1984, :
Cat18885Bardic Benedict, Male, 23a, 24-May-1971, GCCF:
Cat18908Maya/bump Mating, Female, ?, :
Cat18915Klipspringer, Male, 23, 22-Feb-1976, GCCF:
Cat18918Babicham, Female, 23, 19-Aug-1977, GCCF:
Cat18926Red Tsegereda, Female, 23a, 02-Mar-1972, GCCF:
Cat18952Boy, Male, 23, 24-Mar-2014, GCCF:
Cat18966Grayling, Female, 23c, GCCF:
Cat18973Tejas Yxne, Male, 23a, :
Cat18974Pr. Tejas Wait & See, Male, 23, :
Cat18975Tejas Zarcha, Female, 23a, :
Cat18976Thamos Uluru, Female, 23a, :
Cat18977EC Tejas Quintus, Male, 23a, :
Cat18978Tejas Theja, Female, 23, :
Cat18979IC Tejas Nanina, Female, 23a, :
Cat19062Abydreames Devlin/grayling Mating, Female, ?, :
Cat19077Wingardh's Salvia, Female, 23c, SVERAK:
Cat19078S*haily Sellassis Tis Abat, Female, 23c, :
Cat19079Ter-Abyrex Jo-Jamal, Male, 23a, :
Cat19080Tejas Estrela, Female, 23, :
Cat19081IC Skyttens Red Hera, Female, 23a, :
Cat19082EC Ayram Ivanhoe, Male, 23, :
Cat19083Adthish Miss-Gucci, Female, 23a, 28-Oct-2013, GCCF:
Cat19092Abychat Sgt Pepper, Male, 23a, :
Cat19096Abychat Blue Dexter, Male, 23c, :
Cat19097Abychat Hey Jude, Male, 23, :
Cat19098Abychat Ellie Test Mating, Female, ?, :
Cat19158Adthish Pumakitts Abi, Female, 23a, 28-Oct-2013, GCCF:CSSR 843116
Cat19181Four Seasons Summer, Female, 23s, :
Cat19183Four Seasons Victoria, Female, 23c, 09-Feb-2008, :
Cat19184Abychat Maggie-May Kitten, Female, ?, :
Cat19252Adiftsh Dalia, Female, 23, 30-May-2015, GCCF:
Cat19269SGC, RW La Niomana Charisma, Female, 23, :
Cat19270GC Orange Marmelad Ecstasy, Male, 23, :
Cat19271Ch. Orange Marmelad Red Ledi, Female, 23a, :
Cat19275Adiftshh Dalia, Female, 23, 30-May-2015, GCCF:
Cat19281GC Orange Marmelad Opium, Male, 23a, CFA:
Cat19282Des Entrechats Ayor, Female, 23, :
Cat19283Vermillion Des Entrechats, Male, 23a, :
Cat19303Adiftshsh Dalia, Female, 23, 30-May-2015, GCCF:
Cat19340Abychat James/parfait Mating, Female, 23b, :
Cat19369Adaugfo Lily, Female, 23d, 10-Jan-2018, GCCF:
Cat19388Tulicreme Bonjour L'Amour, Male, 23a, 05-May-2012, :
Cat19395Agridoce Bonjour L'Amour, Male, 23a, :
Cat19396Broa Bonjour L'Amour, Female, 23, :
Cat19399Ch. Jess Of Af Khartoum^, Female, 23, :
Cat19401IC Neo Laurie Lee, Male, 23, 02-Oct-2011, :
Cat19403Cuscuz Of Bonjour L'Amour ^, Male, 23, :
Cat19404Coconut Of Aus Abusir^, Female, 23, :
Cat19405Agridoce Of Bonjour L'Amour ^, Male, 23a, :
Cat19406Gruyere Of Bonjour L'Amour ^, Female, 23, :
Cat19412Enzian Of Khartoum, Male, 23, :
Cat19413Kalahari Of Khartoum, Female, 23a, :
Cat19414Maugli Rosa Glauca, Male, 23, :
Cat19415Hush Money Laurie Lee, Female, 23, :
Cat19418Puccini Of Aus Abusir^, Male, 23, :
Cat19420Coscorao Of Bonjour L'Amour ^, Male, 23, :
Cat19421Harira Of Bonjour L'Amour ^, Female, 23, :
Cat19425Marcia Amarillo On Fire, Male, 23a, :
Cat19426Milady Of Lancashire Of Djousou Dia, Female, 23a, :
Cat19427Soglimt's Tuja, Female, 23, :
Cat19428Zora Of Aus Abusir^, Female, 23a, :
Cat19429IGC, WW Darius Laurie Lee, Male, 23, :
Cat19430EC Ayrin Rosa Glauca, Female, 23, :
Cat19431Cherry Biossom Laurie Lee, Female, 23a, :
Cat19437Abychat Queenie-Kitten, Female, ?, :
Cat19439Ch. & Pr. Artis Froam Dantes Inferno Of Ailin, Male, 23a, CFA:0382-01754630
Cat19440Adaugfo Amunet, Female, 23e, GCCF:
Cat19454Abychatlilackitten, 23d, :
Cat19458Naughtypaw Kitten, Female, ?, :
Cat19459Abychat Chocolate/lilac Test Mating, 23d, :
Cat19471Adjulfo Tara-Star, Female, ?, :